Elevate with Wings Displays New Designs for Shirts and Hoodies at Yearly Online Clothing Gala

Through spiritual research, it has been found that depending on the color a person chooses, be it clothes or their surroundings, they will be affected accordingly at a spiritual level.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2015 -- Recently, Elevate with Wings displayed their new designs for shirts and hoodies at a Yearly Online Clothing Gala held at different major brand's online store in England. The basic theme behind their clothing are the designs inspired by ancient spiritual symbols, yoga, philosophy and positive energy to incorporate good vibes into their products to keep you and those around you feeling good.

Through spiritual research, Elevate with Wings found that depending on the color we choose, be it clothes or our surroundings, people would be affected accordingly at a spiritual level. Some of them give this question much thought while others may pull out the first set of clothes from their cupboard. Spiritual clothing generally picks the clothes that people would wear for the day based broadly on where they are going or the weather forecast. Besides the designs, Elevate with Wings also focuses on the colors of their clothes because colors have a very important role in our life. Every individual is prone to making choices on a daily basis with regard to color. For example, from choosing the color of the clothes that they wear today to choosing the color for the next set of bed linen to choosing the color of paint for the walls in our home. There is a myriad other influences such as the prevailing fashion style, whether people fit into the clothes, their mood, time in hand, etc. which finally seals our decision. Individuals go through this process daily, however they rarely consider the spiritual effect of clothes on us as a reason to wear or buy clothes.

In fact most of them, including the manufacturers of our clothes are unaware that they are affected spiritually by the clothes that they wear. ElevateWithWings.co.uk is an Online Spiritual Clothing Store. Their Designs are inspired by ancient spiritual symbols, yoga, philosophy & positive energy. At Elevate WW good vibes are incorporated into their products to keep you feeling good.

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