Luxury Elevator Shoes

Elevator Shoes Are Becoming Ideal for Special Occasions, Crucial Meetings and Important Speeches


Leece, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2013 -- Elevator shoes, or height increasing shoes for men, are witnessing a significant rise in demand due to their recent acceptance amongst the general public. It seems that the 21st century metro-sexual look has enabled elevator shoes to be considered stylish and also essential during important personal and official events.

Due to this demand, there has been emergence of many companies that are offering the product. However, very few like the Luxury Elevator Shoes have included this additional line to their already reputed shoe brand.

Luxury Elevator Shoes is one of the few companies that has taken a bold stance on elevator shoes and is now applying its extensive experience in re-designing regular shoes to include these height enhancers.

The CEO and designer of Luxury Elevator Shoes stated, “I developed this unique line of luxury shoes upon the realization that being a man who stands 5'9" doesn't always cut it".

Elevator shoes however have one key aspect that many shoe brands can’t wrap their heads around which is – discreetness.

Designing height increasing shoes for men thus has been challenging, however it seems Luxury Elevator Shoes has perfected the overall design and now is offering both casual and formal elevator shoes. Since, their shoes are all handmade and use full grain Italian leather, calfskin suede and similar high quality materials, the shoes offer a luxurious look which can be worn for any occasion.

The company’s Italian elevator shoes are ideal for weddings, business meetings, speeches or special events where personal appearance can be a factor and where the shoes not only present a finer overall look but impart confidence within the person.

Inclusive of the important aspect of offering a height enhancement that is discreet and invisible, the Luxury Elevator Shoes for men can provide a lift of 2.4 in, 2.75 in, 3.1 in or even 4 in without exposing the enhancements or sabotaging the overall look of the shoe. The company is one of the pioneers of quality and stylish elevators shoes, and has already set a high bar for its competitors and future entrants to the industry.

About Luxury Elevator Shoes
Luxury Elevator Shoes is one of the leading companies that provides height increasing shoes for men often called elevator shoes. The family business has been offering handmade shoes for many years and has recently started added the elevator shoes to their extensive merchandise. Through their online platform,, the various casual, dress, street grunge, finest formal and many other elevator shoes provided by the company can be viewed and ordered online.

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