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Eleven Words: Heartfelt New eBook Chronicles Devastation and Hope Among Family of 'Vampire Killer of Sacramento' Victim, Terry Wallin

Written by Randy Fandrich, a close friend of Terry’s husband, Dave – ‘Eleven Words’ follows Dave Wallin as the author helps him rebuild their lives following Terry’s tragic murder. Giving an intimate account of the family’s heartbreak and attempts at finding hope, the book is also expected to bring solace to others suffering their own grief or helping a friend through the aftermath of tragedy.


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2013 -- Sacramento, California – While friends expect to help each other, Randy Fandrich never expected to help his friend Dave Wallin through the aftermath of his wife’s sudden murder. As a victim of Richard Trenton Chase (known as the Vampire Killer of Sacramento), Terry Wallin’s passing gave Fandrich an unexpected yet unique insight into how a family is left to pick up the pieces of true tragedy.

Collaborating with Dave Wallin 35 years after the incident, Fandrich’s new book offers a unique glimpse into the devastation Chase caused in the lives of his victims.

Synopsis of ‘Eleven Words’:

On January 23, 1978, Dave Wallin arrived home from work to find his wife, Terry, brutally murdered. Her body was mutilated. Terry was the second victim of the serial killer who would come to be known as The Vampire Killer of Sacramento, Richard Trenton Chase.

This true story begins on the next day when Dave is joined by his friend Randy Fandrich. Randy, in his effort to help Dave, walks through the crime scene with homicide detectives. Then together, they visit the home of Terry’s family. There, they have the task of informing her family of the details of Terry’s death. Dave and Randy are then joined by friend Mike Pearce. Together they attend gathering after gathering with those mourning Terry, all the while making arrangements for her funeral. The story takes you with them for the first seven days after Terry’s death. As one life ends a new one begins, all told through Randy’s eyes.

The story finishes with a day 33 years later as Dave takes Randy (still best friends) to a place he’d never been before, concluding with a photo essay. Taken from a collection/series of short stories written and photographed by Randy.

As the author explains, his book offers an alternative view of Chase’s murders; an angle other than the usual media focus on the murderer himself.

“My story gives a look at what happened in my life and the life of my friend, Dave. I wanted to show others who may be dealing with death and are unsure of what to do that there is no exact blueprint to go by. I also want other people who are helping a friend to know that they are not alone, a feeling I had for many, many years,” says Fandrich.

Continuing, “This is the only book about the murders written from the angle of post-murder family life. Chase has had too much attention from the media while his victims have been all but forgotten. It was also written for anyone feeling the uncertainty for the future, the doubt of the present and pain inside of themselves.”

With the book’s popularity set to rapidly increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Eleven Words’ is available now: http://amzn.to/GJnbZy.

About Randy Fandrich
Randy once heard that a person has three careers in their lifetime. His first one was in the construction industry where he became a building contractor. His second career was in the corporate world where he ended up as a senior accountant. Now he is starting his third career as a writer/author/story teller. He is currently working on a collection of short stories based on adventures he has shared with Dave. Not everything in their lives was heartbreaking.