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Eleven Year-Old Author Competes with Best-Sellers; Publishing Gripping YA Novel


Dublin, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- While most eleven year-olds only dwell on their dreams, California’s Hannah Edge is living hers to great acclaim. Shocking literary critics by releasing a thought-provoking novel that is way ahead of her years, Edge is proof that age is certainly no bar to success.

Challenging her fellow young readers with an utopian novel that promotes compassion and good character, Edge’s ‘The Timekeepers of Ancra’ is positively influencing young teenagers where many adults have failed. Taking them deep into an utopian world where infinite loyalty, compassion and responsibility will ultimately save humanity, Edge has struck the perfect balance between page-gripping fiction and bold life lessons.

‘The Timekeepers of Ancra’ isn’t just a novel; it’s an opportunity for self-questioning, challenging beliefs and opening young eyes to the world that’s around them.


"Dragoon felt the chilling breeze rush through the vast camp. He twitched his thin whiskers and continued to walk through the golden dust. He stopped when he reached the restless sea, and he deeply breathed in the salty marine air. Something wasn’t right...

Darkness soon shall fall, flood shall come, evil will invade, but there shall be true-hearted heroes who have the power to end the malice."

OneFoot and Monk are two flawed feline protagonists that are living in a seemingly utopian paradise, the Ancra Empire of the Timekeepers. During their journeys, they slowly discover their strengths, and eventually, who they really are. The Timekeepers will have their share of challenges during their odyssey, yet will they prevail against the inauspicious augury?

As the author’s mother explains, philosophy plays an important role in her daughter’s narrative.

“The storyline contains many philosophical themes such as physical inequality, self-preservation, natural right and natural law. Hannah believes it is very important not just to write a story, but to provide young people with a positive influence,” says Ms. Edge.

Continuing, “She has also worked extremely hard researching elements of history. For instance, the name of the empires and the settings are based on Latin, Ancient Greek and Hebrew languages. Hannah felt they contain profound significance and would represent the strengths and weaknesses of Ancra society.”

Having also created the stunning digital imagery found throughout the book, critics praise Edge for talent and initiative that allows her to directly compete with many of literature’s biggest names.

‘The Timekeepers of Ancra’ is currently available to the following online retailers Amazon.com, iBooks, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes and Noble (Nook), washingtonpost.com and at Amazon, France, Japan, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Brazil; as well as Acco Belgium, Scribd and ebook shop New Zealand.: http://amzn.to/XvgJYz

About Hannah Edge, in her own words
My name is Hannah Edge and I am eleven years old. I live in California with my parents and two cats. My passions are writing, creating digital art, and studying biology. I attend Fallon Middle School in Dublin, CA. In December, I completed my first online college course from Duke University in Genetics and Evolution and received a Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction. I additionally successfully completed courses in Astrobiology and Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh where I received certificates with distinction.

Currently, I am enrolled in an online Writing Composition I course at Duke, as well as a course in connectomics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.