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ElevenYellow Releases First Tool to Detect Fake Instagram Followers


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2015 -- A myriad of companies offer to boost the number of social media followers for individuals and businesses for a price in an effort to artificially inflate popularity and credibility. The practice is particularly prevalent among the accounts of celebrities, musicians and politicians. InstaCheck enables anyone to check fake followers on Instagram.

"Instagram is full of fake and spam accounts," said Lopez. They are easy to spot one by one, but InstaCheck is the first tool that helps you understand the big picture – both your account and other people's accounts."

InstaCheck is free to use and with just a couple of clicks, anyone can discover how many real Instagram followers an account has and how many are fraudulent. InstaCheck works by taking a random sampling of 150 Instagram followers for an account and calculates a score for each follower based on completion of its profile and ratio of followers to followed.

While no system is perfect, InstaCheck offers the only method available for distinguishing if Instagram followers were accrued by inorganic or dishonest methods. Many individuals make decisions based on the number of followers an account has and the site provides the means for people to make informed judgements about the accounts they choose to follow.

Spamming and Internet bots are used to bolster an account for a number of reasons. The practice is used to improve popularity, create credibility, establish influence, and to generate advertising dollars. The need for the fake follower check tool is particularly important following the recent purge initiated by Instagram in response to user complaints. The virtual cleansing resulted in some accounts losing millions of fake followers overnight.

Instagram itself was the biggest loser in the purge, with approximately 18 million followers lost through the detection and deletion of fake accounts. Those in the music industry topped the list with fake followers, along with celebrities and some of the most well-known companies on the planet. Non-celebrities didn't escape the purge, leading many to completely delete their accounts.

ElevenYellow's InstaCheck is the first tool that provides people with the ability to quickly and easily determine if the number of followers an Instagram account boasts is comprised of legitimate followers or fraudulently generated fake accounts. InstaCheck is free to use and helps users understand their own followers and those of others.

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