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Eliances Roundtable and Arizona State University SkySong Join Forces to Foster Entrepreneurial Collaboration in the Valley and Beyond


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2014 -- Eliances provides a unique outlet for some of the most influential and intellectual individuals throughout the Valley to foster business relationships. This remarkable entrepreneur group has managed to stay relatively off the grid for the past eight months of operation. Eliances is a destination “where entrepreneurs align.” The organization hosts weekly ROUDNDtable meetings enabling entrepreneurs and inventors alike to collaborate and help each other with ventures. The ROUNDtable is one of the puzzle pieces of Eliances where action takes place. A Valley CEO explained that “Eliances moves networking from a passive exercise to active engagement. At its core, Eliances is as much about what can one contribute as what can one receive, and fundamentally its that balance between give and get that creates true value.” It brings together a high-level group of hybrid entrepreneurs with resources, influence, skills, contacts and imagination.” There is no other organization structured by the implications and operations that comprise Eliances.

Eliances operates on what they refer to as the 3G methodology: Got, Give and Get. Every week, each attendee is given a sixty second window of time in which to pitch their respective G’s. This high pressure scenario allows Eliance members to analyze and optimize the caliber of attendance each week; because regardless an individual’s status, there is no guarantee an invite to the next event. A former State Senator said that “those allowed to participate in the Roundtable, and the unique Eliances format open doors to relationships and unimaginable ideas…Eliances assists members to prosper by helping others.” It is not just another entrepreneur club, it is a society that operates in regards to how an individual is able to give back to other group members and foster “Elianceships” within the organization. They have secured strategic partnerships with prominent organizations within the Valley area including: the Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Business Journal, Money Radio and Tradesource- and are looking to expand upon the launch of the Eliances member platform set to be live in the coming months.

One will notice via their twitter account (@EliancesUSA) that names are not mentioned. Some existing members have nicknames they are referred to such as ‘Inspector Gadget’, ‘The Zen Master’, ‘The Phoenician’, ‘Mr. Clean’ and ‘Spiderman’ - this is what keeps the group exclusive and in many cases, desirable to attendees. One of the founders of Eliances explains “we don’t mention names because many of our members are prominent figures within the entrepreneurship community- and wish to keep a low profile; Eliances ROUNDtable has become a top attraction to a wide range of entrepreneurs, including inventors, investors, angels, startup businesses, politicians, celebrities, professional athletes, bank directors, CFOs, top business lawyers and mentors… the list goes on.”

About Eliances is a destination where entrepreneurs align. The organization hosts weekly Roundtable meetings. They operate out of ASU SkySong and provide incredible networking opportunities for like minded individuals to collaborate. It is a safe space to explore, mentor and support entrepreneurs, young and old- all who wish to produce positive change, solve existing problems, create value and generally, do good.

To apply for a seat at an upcoming Roundtable meeting visit and fill out the application to attend.