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Elita Music Publishes New and Informative Guides to Electronic Drum Kits and Guitars

Elita Music has created a new set of buying guides for electronic drum kits and electric guitars to help people make the right instrument purchase just in time for Christmas.


Montgomery, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2014 -- Electricity revolutionized the world we live in, and it also revolutionized music. The sound of the electric guitar is now synonymous with everything from rock and roll to James Bond to power metal, and it’s the instrument most popular with people of all ages who want to get into music. Buying the right electric guitar however can be difficult for those new to the industry, so Elita Music has stepped in to help. They have published new buying guides for electric guitars and electronic drum kits to help the mothers and fathers of potential future rock stars buy the right gift this Christmas.

Elita Music’s guide to electric guitars contains a lot of common sense advice that may be familiar to those already passionate about the instrument, but is invaluable to first time buyers. The guide also takes pains to describe there is no best guitar, only the right guitar for the user, and provides a checklist of things to look out for, like pick-ups, jacks, volume adjusters and more.

The electronic drum kit guide is more technically precise owing to the nature of the instrument, which is small enough to be far more portable and easy to store, and can also be played through headphones so that individuals can practice without having to deafen the neighbors. The guide also includes valuable tips on what to look out for to future-proof a purchase.

A spokesperson for Elita Music explained, “With Christmas coming many children are asking each other whether they’re a drum person or a guitar person, as these are the most popular instruments for anyone when they’re growing up. We have created buying guides so that parents can go into a music shop knowing their target inside out, and can make the right purchase without a panic, meaning Christmas day is sure to be a joy.”

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