Elite Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, Inc.

Elite Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, Inc. Announces Expansion of Services in Denver

An excellent reputation provides fuel for the increase in demand behind the expansion, reports Elite Carpet Cleaning and Restoration


Aurora, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2014 -- Elite Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, Inc. recently announced the expansion of its services in and around the Denver Metropolitan Area to meet increased demand for its services. This demand is fueled by its elite guarantee, which can be found at http://myeliteguarantee.com. The guarantee covers many points related to carpet cleaning and ensures that customers don't have to worry about spots "coming back" as soon as the carpet dries.

"When spots seem to come back, it shows that they were never really removed in the first place," said Jeff McLaughlin of Elite Carpet Cleaning and Restoration. "The first part of our guarantee is that there will be no returning spots for 10 days. This is long enough to be sure that all old spots are gone. The next part of our guarantee is what really catches peoples' eyes. We'll come out and remove any new spots that aren't related to pets and that customers can't remove with their complimentary spot-removal bottle within 30 days. This helps ease the fear of spilling something on a newly-cleaned carpet."

The guarantee goes even further than this. Those who purchase Scotchgard treatment will have the spot-removal guarantee extended to a full year. This extension carries the same minor limitations as the 30-day guarantee: It only applies to spots that can't be removed with the provided free bottle of spot remover, and it doesn't apply to pet stains. Pet stains aren't covered because they require more than simple spot removal. They also require decontamination and deodorizing. Of course, the company also offers the usual satisfaction guarantees, as well.

"Another reason for our growth is that we have green cleaning packages as well as regular ones. The green packages aren't just for people who are concerned about the environment. They're also great for those who are sensitive to harsh cleaning chemicals or who suffer allergies. We use special pre-treatment sprays and rinses that eliminate allergens and provide months of protection against new allergenic particles," said McLaughlin.

Elite Carpet Cleaning and Restoration offers several levels of guaranteed carpet cleaning, both for regular and green packages. Each one offers a lifetime supply bottle of spot remover, the outstanding guarantees, and free enrollment into the company's referral rewards program. Some add two dye transfer treatments, as well. The specifics of the services provided by the packages vary depending on which one is chosen. Elite's standard carpet audit helps customers decide which one to get. During one of these audits, a technician will come out and recommend services so that customers know what it'll take to get their carpets perfectly clean.

About Elite Carpet Cleaning and Restoration
Elite Carpet Cleaning and Restoration was founded in 1998 after its owner realized that other carpet cleaning companies were not providing satisfactory service. Owner Jeff McLaughlin went on to get certified by the IICRC and learn how to provide cleaning that sidestepped the pitfalls of other methods. Now, the company is expanding thanks to the high demand brought on by its outstanding reputation.