Asia Pacific Football Academy

Elite Football Academy Is the Leading Elite Football Academy

Asia Pacific Football Academy is the leading elite football academy in the Asia Pacific.


Lincoln, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2012 -- Elite Football Academy is the leading elite football academy. Football, also known as soccer, is the world’s most popular and loved sport. Boys and girls of all ages from different parts of the globe love this sport. And for many of them, it is their dream to become a professional football player and compete against other countries in the FIFA World Cup that happens every four years. People love this sport for many reasons. It is unique since it is a sport that uses just the players’ legs and feet to play. They do not use the hands to play like most other sports do. Players get to learn and discover they can do so much more with their legs and feet. The discovery of this ability is exhilarating. It is also a team sport that utilizes more players than other sports. This makes the sport a lot more fun to play since people can play with more friends. It builds teamwork and fosters friendship and camaraderie. The game also brings great energy and natural high not only to the players but to the people watching as well. Many people who don’t even play football still are fans of the sport and still watch the World Cup.

The Asia Pacific Football Academy or APFA is an elite football academy that trains young players from different countries to become professionals. This is where one’s child goes to fulfill his or her dreams of becoming a professional football player. This soccer school also operations in association with the prestigious Chelsea Football Club’s UK Academy. They have state of the art facilities, world class coaches and a unique proactive pathway management program designed to maximize players’ potentials and development. APFA offers a range of short term training programs or soccer camps or a unique full time residential football academy where players undergo daily training at the same attend a full time High School or University program.

AFPA’s football trainings are unique and individualized so every player that attends gets special attention. The programs are designed to work on both the player’s strengths and weaknesses so he or she can development his or her potentials to the fullest and will be ready to play on the professional level. The soccer school has many different programs and many different connections so they also invite many guest coaches and recruits during the year. This way, players get maximum exposure and better opportunities. APFA is about long-term success for young aspiring football players. So for anyone who seriously wants to play soccer on a professional level, Asia Pacific Football Academy is the best stepping stone to soccer fame.

About Asia Pacific Football Academy
The Asia Pacific Football Academy is an elite football academy that trains young aspiring football players from different countries to become players on the professional level. It is the best place to lead one to soccer fame. For more information, contact or 03 281 8449.