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Elite Motor Rentals Now Offering the Opportunity to Rent the New 2015 Polaris Slingshot from Elite

Elite Motor Rentals help people take supercars out on the open Nevada roads, and has now got the Elite Polaris Slingshot 2015 ready to give drivers the ride of their lives.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2015 -- Las Vegas is the single biggest environment on earth dedicated to feasting the senses, indulging in unique experiences and having crazy times making unforgettable memories. Many people think of the casinos and hotels in Las Vegas, but there is much more to the desert city than money and marriages. Elite Motor Rentals offers people the chance to undertake once in a lifetime experiences on Nevada roads, and is now offering the opportunity to rent a 2015 Elite Polaris Slingshot, to change the way they think about driving forever.

The super low profile Polaris Slingshot looks like part formula one car, part superbike, part stealth jet fighter. Weighing almost nothing, the super powerful engine charges every corner, and ensures individuals feel the asphalt through their body, at one with the road in an adrenaline fuelled experience.

The car now features prominently for anyone who might chance to visit elitemotorrentals.com YouTube channel or visit elitemotorrentals.com Pinterest page, where the three wheeled vehicle is featured in new promotional images and video. The car is sure to offer a one of a kind experience on Nevada roads surrounding Las Vegas, and will be the perfect addition to any thrill-seeker's holiday.

A spokesperson for Elite Motor Rentals explained, "The Slingshot is unlike anything people have experienced before. The vehicle is completely unique, enabling individuals to sit and experience a three hundred and sixty degree environment while blasting through it, experiencing the g-forces in the corners and the rush of the air through the straights. With the vehicle only just launched, we are the first to offer these experiences in Las Vegas, where the Nevada roads make for the most exciting twists and flat sprints in the world."

About Elite Motor Rentals
Elite Motor Rentals is the premier Las Vegas motorcycle rental company. Their clients are the everyday driver looking for fun and excitement on the open Nevada road. They guarantee the most invigorating trip of a lifetime in the very latest 2015 Polaris Slingshot from Elite to guarantee the best experience on the road. They offer fast checkout, scenic routes and special offers. For more information please visit: http://elitemotorrentals.com/