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Elite Roofing and Exteriors Warn of Extreme Weather Risks to Des Moines Homes


Waukee, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2013 -- Heavy winds, high rainfall and even tornadoes are expected as Des Moines, Iowa enters its worst weather season. Properties will be battered by the elements over a period of months and damage is likely. Home owners may be unaware of small amounts of damage which could be greatly exacerbated by the coming storms, leading to large and expensive insurance claims and repairs. Elite Roofing and Exteriors are urging Des Moines homeowners to protect their homes and families from the elements in time to weather the brunt of the coming conditions.

Elite Roofing and Exteriors (www.eliteroofing123.com) provide roof repair, installations and maintenance as well as new siding and window installation. They are currently preparing for one of the busiest times of the year, and have an ethos that prevention is definitely the better option to cure in circumstances like these.

The company puts out an annual alert in the local area to raise awareness of storm damage prevention and maintenance, encouraging the people of Des Moines to protect their homes before the worst happens. Their long term thinking is to develop a caring reputation amongst the community- while it might be in their financial interests to replace twenty roofs during this season, they’d prefer to help home-owners prevent that with smaller, cheaper maintenance.

Thanks to their excellent workmanship and standard of customer service, the company is an Owens Corning preferred contractor, and can be trusted to extend the life of any roof by several years in performing simple maintenance on behalf of home-owners to ensure they are protected from the ravages of wind, rain and tornadoes.

A spokesperson for Elite Roofing explained, “We know that every year around this time many individuals who have been putting off home maintenance end up being landed with huge bills because the weather turned their small, manageable problem into a large, unavoidable one. By making small repairs now ahead of the changing weather, home owners will be in a much stronger position to last through the rains. Equally, if the worst does happen, we’re fully prepared to deal with that on behalf of our clients, as we do every year at this time.”

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