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Elite Screens Leading Online in Projector Screens Search

Anyone in US searching online with ‘projector screens’ has Elite Screens as the very first name. Given the fact that there are about 29 million results on the search, it is a marvelous achievement.


Garden Grove, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2014 -- Projection screens deliver a theatrical experience right at the home of the customer. You can have your own home theater or play your favorite space odyssey on an amazing projector screen. In keeping up with the amazement, companies offer different screens. Elite Screens is the leading provider in this segment.

Probably this has something to do with their manufacturer status, but the service now leads online in a Google search for projector screens. It is a marvelous achievement indeed as the search engine also shows about 30 million other results.

Needing a projector screen to watch classic Dracula horror movies, this correspondent hit up on the Elite Screen website. Although the site looks a little cluttered, yet it is very useful. Their categories host numerous screens under different specifications. In fact, choosing from hundreds of screens becomes tough. The site has thought about this as well.

They do have a very efficient search feature that helps anyone to look up the exact screen based on all relevant aspects. They also have something called a 'screen calculator' which is very helpful to find the right dimension. The old black and white movies are often low in light. The service also hosts ambient light rejection screens that solve this problem.

They have a dedicated chat support system from 8 AM to 5 PM. It always helps to talk with a real sales person. They train their experts well in soft skills and product knowledge. From the "How can I help you?" to the "Have a good day", everything went on smoothly. You can confirm all your doubts. "We have an ISO 9001: 2008 production facility. Customers can shop directly at the site or obtain the screen from an authorized retailer."

About Elite Screens
California based Elite Screens is quite literally the leader for projector screen purchase in the US. Their resourceful site has all the options to find the best screen and other accessories. The screens from this manufacturer frequently receive industry awards and recognition.

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Address: 12282 Knott Street/ Garden Grove/ CA 92841
Telephone: 877 – 511 - 1211
Fax: 562 – 483 – 8498