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Elite Vet Products Debuts Innovative Carbon Fiber Infused ORGreens Veterinary Scrubs & Surgical Gowns

New veterinary scrubs, drapes, and wraps are unlike anything else in the veterinary scrub market. The ORGreens are sustainable, moisture wicking, water repellant, and comfortable.


Apex, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2014 -- Elite Vet Products, an innovative veterinary supply company, just released their new line of veterinary surgical products that includes veterinary scrubs, veterinary gowns, wraps and drapes. The owner, John Donovin, has over 20 years of experience in the veterinary industry and has worked extensively with veterinarians to create this new line of ORGreens vet scrubs, drapes, and surgical gowns.

“I felt like we could make a difference in the industry by offering something more sustainable. The material we use is the best out there. Carbon fiber reinforced, breathable, autoclavable, lightweight and moisture repellant. The fabric provides electrostatic dissipation which eliminates particle and pathogen adherence and retention. Most important, it’s comfortable and feels like cotton! The veterinarians who have tried these are crazy about the ORGreens.”

John made a quick video demonstrating how well the ORGreens vet scrubs work:

Because of the higher quality materials, the products themselves are priced slightly higher than most, but John explains that this model can actually save vets hundreds of dollars a year. “I want to take the Veterinary surgical industry away from the disposable model. Not only is it hurting our environment, but also our wallets. By using higher quality materials that last, vets actually end up saving hundreds of dollars.”

John explained that the Veterinary gowns and other products are made locally in the USA and are put through extensive quality control. “Each gown is checked to make sure it adheres to our standard of being the most comfortable, breathable, and moisture repellant scrubs on the market.”

You can view the new line of ORGreens veterinary scrubs on Elite Vet Products website, and they currently are offering free veterinary surgeon towels for a limited time.

About Elite Vet Products
Elite Vet offers innovative and sustainable products and services designed for the veterinary surgical and rehabilitation markets. They are an authorized distributor of the Game Ready System for both Canine and Equine and the ORGreens surgical wear line of scrubs, gowns, wraps and drapes.

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