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Elite Water Damage Restoration Inc. Now Offering Cleanup Services in Burlington County, NJ This Winter


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- As the cold weather is sweeping the Northeast and residents begin to experience rain and snow storms, water damage to the home becomes an increasing concern. To help prevent water damage and maintain a safe home environment, Elite Water Damage Restoration Inc. is pleased to announce they are now offering their water cleanup services in Burlington County, New Jersey this winter.

Water damage can occur from a variety of causes, such as frozen pipes, cracked shingles in the roof that cause leaks, ice build ups, and an influx of water in the basement due to melting snow. Burlington County homes can also experience damage to its foundation due to the buildup of water in drywalls, which can transpire unbeknownst to the homeowner. If not properly taken care of, the damage can result in mold and affect the indoor air quality of the home, causing health issues for Burlington County residents.

The certified and trained professionals from Elite Water Damage Restoration Inc. will travel to the home—from Bordentown to Palmyra—for a free consultation, and promptly and efficiently extract and cleanup any damage the water has caused. Their cleanup services can be a complete service for severe damage or a light service to take care of a few puddles or small leaks in the basement. They will rid the area of any debris or dirt the water has collected and use high-quality equipment, such as humidifiers or sump pumps, to direct the water away from the home’s foundation.

It is best to have the home serviced by a professional and take care of the damage before it spreads and gets worse. For those needing immediate and emergency assistance to their property, Elite Water Damage Restoration Inc. employs an emergency response 24 hours a day, seven days a week, where they will arrive to a home in an hour or less. To hear more about how Elite Water Damage Restoration Inc. can help solve water damage problems in a New Jersey home, please call 1-866-435-1666 or visit their website today.

About Elite Water Damage Restoration Inc.
A family-owned and operated business Elite Water Damage Restoration Inc. is a licensed and insured company. Their experienced technicians are highly trained and offer the most professional service available. With their truck-mounted, radio-dispatched vehicles, whether they are needed for carpet cleaning or water extraction, they are available to provide the most expedient service possible. Combine all of that, with their guarantee to stand behind every job that they perform, and you’ll see why they have so many satisfied customers.

For more information about Elite Water Damage and the services they offer, please visit http://www.elitewaterdamage.com.