Elk and Bear Join the Fight Against Credit Card Fraud with Their Credit Card Protector and Passport Holder

Elk and Bear present their latest product that can effectively protect all debit and credit cards with RFID chips.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2015 -- 10 percent of Americans have been subjected to credit card fraud while 7 percent have been subjected to debit card fraud and according to security experts the problem will continue to grow. That is why Elk And Bear have launched the Credit Card Protector and Passport Holder sleeves to turn the tables on fraud and help protect vulnerable consumers.

The Credit Card Protector and Passport Holder for Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft Prevention are made with a special RFID chip technology that protects credit card holders from any fraudulent online purchases and electronic skimming. The product is now offered at a sale price to enable consumers to save 63% of its original price. The current price is $14.95.

An increasing number of credit card owners today face the problem of stolen credit card and password info. This confidential info is easy to steal with the RFID chips that criminals use to wirelessly transmit the info. Additionally, inexpensive scanners and a free Android app provide another wireless way to scan credit card details to make a clone for fraudulent purchases.

Credit card fraud and identity theft are a problem that does not just affect people in the USA; it also affects people from all around the world. According to security experts, unless people start to protect themselves and purchase products and services to safe guard their identity then more people will be affected.

The identity theft blocking sleeves are created to effectively prevent frauds and protect the wallet holders from losses. This product is offered at an affordable price with a lifetime replacement guarantee. With this protection, the chip credit or debit cards will not be at risk of cash theft nor identity theft.

The blocking sleeves provide protection from both digital theft and electronic pick pocketing while protecting magnetic strip. They are ideal for crowded environments, such as public transportation, international and domestic vacations, business trips, and more.

The credit card perfectly fits the sleeves' design. The special low friction material used allows avoiding unnecessary bulk when using wallet card slots. It is tear, water, and puncture resistant and consists of three layers – aluminum, copper and matte to ensure it is thin and though enough.

The package includes 2 Passport and ten credit card protector sleeves.

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About Credit Card Protector and Passport Holder
The Credit Card Protector and Passport Holder provide people with a product that will protect them against identity theft and financial loss.