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Ellen Medlock Studios Adds a Selection Modern Quilt Fabric to Their Fabric Offerings


Tulsa, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2014 -- is an online seller of unique and creative fabric designs by Tulsa fabric designer, Ellen Medlock. The newest addition to the online store is the line of modern quilt fabric which has been created with a contemporary flare keeping in minds the most popular styles and patterns of today. Quilt making is going through a revival; the quilting activity has taken the form of a more recreational hobby than a simple necessity as it were in the past. It is obvious that quilts of today display a more modern and fresh sense of design and aesthetics.

In keeping with the growing enthusiasm towards quilt making many fabric designers have started adding fabric materials and designs especially suitable for quilts, the modern designs are eye catching and trendy. Ellen Medlock has also created a line of fabric designs which she believes will look great in a quilt, she has merged interesting contrasts, various patters and color tones to breathe in to her designs a feeling of cheerfulness and ingenuity. Ellen believes that even though quilting’s essence remains traditional, modern quilting has a more up to date look, Ellen believes:

“To be clear the use of the term “modern” in this sense is used to differentiate design attitude, rather than a period of time. Traditional vs. Modern to me is about contemporary design aesthetic vs. a traditional design aesthetic, not past vs. present so much. The traditional quilt design and traditional quilt fabric is of course still very popular today.”

Ellen is excited about the current quilting movement in America, people can contact Ellen here: She has given great care towards the selection of fabric used for her line of designs, the high quality cotton fabric is soft and breathable also the designs have been created with high focus on modern sense of aesthetics and quilting patterns.

The various designs in the line complement one another and are suitable for both the young and old occasional sewers and passionate quilters. Ellen encourages her audience to experiment with the old and the new to create something truly personal and unique, Ellen suggests:

“As a sewer or quilter, it is easy to step into modern quilt design by simply updating a traditional block quilt pattern with modern quilt fabric! This will infuse it with a more contemporary look, and is one of the quickest tricks to freshen an older design.”

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About Ellen Medlock Studios
Ellen Medlock Studios is an online store of creative products by Tulsa fabric designer, Ellen Medlock. The studio takes great pride in their designs and the rave reviews they have received from loyal customers time and time again.

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