Ellington & Associates Receives U.S. Patents for Their ChromaLog and ChromaStratigraphy Technologies


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2013 -- Ellington & Associates of Houston recently announced that the company received notice that the U.S patent Office has issued patents for the firm’s ChromaLog and ChromaStratigraphy technologies. A company spokesperson made the announcement and said the new patents will help the company reach new heights with its innovative new technology.

Ellington & Associates is one of the top suppliers of geological services to the worldwide oil and gas industry. Clients turn to the company for expert cuttings and core samples and the firm has always been on the cutting edge of technology for the past 25 years. Ellington developed the ChromaLog and ChromaStratigraphy technologies to offer clients an even greater level of data collection.

ChromaLog and ChromaStratigraphy work together to offer color analysis of rock at the most elementary level. ChromaLog analysis captures the distinctive color signatures of rock samples and provides an innovative set of well logs for presenting, identifying and correlating core, cuttings and outcrop samples through ChromaStratigraphy. When plotted alongside other direct rock analyses and wireline data, ChromaStratigraphy adds a visual reference of changing lithology and stratigraphy to boost confidence in critical interpretations and correlations.

According to the company, sample preparation and analysis for ChromaStratigraphy can be performed quickly, allowing results to be gathered close to real time when performed at the well site. This ability to rapidly generate reliable data allows ChromaStratigraphy to be an advanced supplement to traditional logging-while-drilling measurements for geosteering, Ellington & Associates says. The company adds that given the robust relationship between color and organic content, ChromaStratigraphy also makes an excellent proxy for total organic content, and can be used to rapidly assess a well's potential productivity while drilling.

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