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Elliptical Watch Publishes Guide on Advantages of Ellipticals and Reviews New Machines

Elliptical Watch is helping more people understand the benefits of Elliptical Machines with a new guide to their unique advantages, and has compared the latest Elliptical from Sole to its predecessor.


Bridgeport, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2014 -- An elliptical machine is a relatively new innovation in exercise technology, coming some time after the treadmill had become common place in gyms and homes across the country. The elliptical offers a different kind of exercise however, engaging the full body in an intense cardio workout that hits the muscles while being kind to joints. Elliptical Watch is a site that specializes in reviewing elliptical machines, and has recently published new material aimed at getting more people to transition to elliptical machines from traditional treadmill workouts.

Their new post, “The Benefits of Working out on Elliptical Exercise Machines”, explains that elliptical machines are in a unique position to offer a low impact workout that still utilizes weight bearing exercise principles, helping people have an intense cardio experience that burns fat using both the lower and upper body and core.

Their latest review, “The Sole E25 VS the Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer” compares the newest SOLE E35 against its predecessor, the E25, taking into account the cost, design, additional features, warranty and more. The review explains the unique advantages and criticisms of each product and concludes to give individuals and informed recommendation on which is the best choice.

A spokesperson for Elliptical Watch explained, “Our new material is designed to help more people discover the difference an elliptical workout can make, and we believe that elliptical workouts are better suited to more people than ever. An elliptical allows people to work out at high intensity for sustained periods, getting the best results in an optimum amount of time. Sole are without doubt the leading brand in ellipticals tight now, but with so many products it can be difficult to see which makes the best investment. We directly compare models so users can feel confident making the right buying choices to transform their lifestyles and their bodies.”

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