Elysion Announces New Line of Weather-Resistant Balustrades to Cope with Changing Weather


Matlock, Derbyshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2012 -- Weather patterns in the United Kingdom are changing due to increasing carbon levels in the atmosphere. Experts expect these changes to lead to rising temperatures, producing hot, dry summers and warmer winters with increased precipitation. More extreme climatic conditions may bring about escalating deterioration rates of existing structures in this part of the world. With varying degrees of economic decline expected to occur as these weather distortions become more severe, the cost of construction and renovation could surpass current rates. In anticipation of the repercussions of this weather related phenomenon, Elysion Ltd. has created a line of stainless steel balustrades and handrails. These stainless steel metal works are expected to indefinitely withstand any weather conditions.

Thomas Brayburn, spokesperson for Elysion Metalwork , states, "Stainless steel as a material is hard wearing, and resists marking and scratching. It is also durable and robust, requiring little attention over time, and the finish remains the same years after installation. Resistant to corrosion, stainless steel is a self healing material that requires no kind of chemical coating to retain its appearance. It is also easily cleaned, reducing the risk of spreading harmful pathogens, such as the influenza virus and the common cold. We delight in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers, and take a great deal of pride in the services we offer the community."

Brayburn continues to explain, "We can craft the bespoke stainless steel balustrades and railing systems you need to compliment a wide range of materials, including glass. We cater to the private householder, retail, commercial, entertainment and construction sectors. Unlike many other suppliers, the proficient and experienced Elysion staff possesses the skills and craftsmanship necessary to fully weld and finish all handrail joints, bends and mitres, other than those needed for transportation and site assembly. Once completed, all handrails are fully polished to remove all traces of the weld, in order to leave you with a beautiful, seamless handrail or balustrade. The material holds up well to even the most extreme weather conditions, and will last for many years, preventing the added cost of repair and replacement."

Elysion also provides a number of other services, including tempered glass balustrades, laminated glass flooring, iron work and steel.

About Elysion
The mission of Elysion Ltd. is to provide creative and innovative design, welding and fabrication services to Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, the Midlands and surrounding regions. As a professional and high quality fabrication company, they are committed to developing and demonstrating work that is imaginative, unique, durable and environmentally sound while reflecting the individual personalities and needs of their customers, without exceeding the customers' budget. A small company, Elysion is always looking for new challenges and opportunities.