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eMemorial Launches Social Media Powered Online Obituary Service


Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- eMemorial announced the official launch of its free bereavement online service that provides a social media friendly place for people to express their final heartfelt sentiments for loved ones who have been lost.

eMemorial ( was set up with a singular purpose in mind – to ensure that those who are currently grieving for the loss of a loved one have an online place to air their thoughts about that person and share them with the people who meant the most to them. It acts as an online in memoriam place to inform the world about your loved ones and to share the legacy that they have left behind with people who may not have met them in person but could be inspired by their deeds and the love and compassion of their families and friends.

After a successful beta release as a Facebook application (, eMemorial service is now also available on their website. Both the web and their Facebook applications aim to make placing messages in memoriam of family members, associates and people who have affected a person’s life simple and easy, allowing them to preserve the message online and view other words of condolences offered by sympathetic users. It offers an extremely simple user interface that can be accessed through Facebook, ensuring that frustration is kept to a minimum during such a pressing time for the user.

The site not only acts as a base for memorials, allowing users to upload as much content as they would like in addition to photographs of the dearly departed, but also allows for social interaction through sharing of memorials on Facebook. This allows those in the social circle of the bereaved to see the memorial for themselves in addition to offering their own kind words and virtual gifts in an effort to soothe the grieving process and express their own thoughts and memories about the person who has passed on.

eMemorial’s social media factor is an extremely important aspect of the website and one of its main aims it to allow for this sharing of information about the deceased. Members are allowed to place a virtual memorials for anybody they choose, including family members and recently departed celebrities. In short, the aim of this in memoriam service is to ensure everybody has a voice and is able to leave kind words about those who have departed.

They also aims to help those writing obituaries and memorials by providing tips on how to best express your feelings about the departure of a loved one. Although losing somebody you care about is a deeply personal experience, eMemorial realises that not everybody is able to put their feelings into words without a little guidance, so it offers helpful information that is designed to ensure its members say what they need to say.

Additionally the site also aims to act as a place to remember those who lost their lives as a result of natural disasters and catastrophic accidents. Those who have perished as a result of incidents such as the recent MH17 disaster are remembered on the website in the hope that such tragic mistakes are learned from and their consequences are kept fresh in the mind.

To take part in the project and to add words in memoriam of your loved one please visit to ensure the person you remember most is preserved for the memory of others.

About eMemorial
eMemorial is a free online obituary and memorial application on web and Facebook that lets anyone create virtual in memoriam pages to remember loved ones that have passed.

Contact: Melvin Wong
Company: eMemorial
Country: Malaysia