Emerald Dental Care Introduces Free Comprehensive Dental Implant Eligibility Checkup in Toronto


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2016 -- Emerald Dental Care, a well-known center for dental care in Toronto, Canada, has announced a very attractive offer to its valued customers. This offer is a boon for those who may be considering having one or more implants. Dental implants are the latest technique in replacing missing or non-restorable teeth. Emerald Dental Care provides the best possible facilities for dental implants in Toronto. This latest offer by them can save prospective patients nearly 20 percent of the cost if and when they actually go through the implant procedure at Emerald Dental Care. This is a sizeable saving in the cost of dental implants.

Implants are rather costly surgical procedure running, depending on the case, into tens of thousands. It is important that when going for such a costly procedure every individual case must be planned and executed very carefully. An important part of the planning is the evaluation.

Part of the complex evaluation procedure is determination of the crucial answer, "Is this patient eligible for getting an implant at all or not"? "What type of implant is to be used and how is the implant to be implemented". "What are the chances of survival of the implant?" A number of factors have to be taken into account. It starts with an in depth medical history of the patient, general physical health, and the current state of dental health. Special attention has to be given to the jaw bone and gum condition in the region where implants are being planned. A 3-D picture of the region or regions involved necessary to assess the possibility and success rate of an implant. For this last part costly state of the art techniques are used. Most important is the computer aided tomography or CT scan, along with many other tests. Results of these tests and their analysis determine the suitability of a patient for one or more implants. Keeping the high costs involved in a pre-evaluation checkup for dental implants, Emerald dental care has come up with an offer to reduce your implant treatment cost. If you get your dental implants placed at Emerald dental care, we will not charge for any investigations or procedures, including CT or CAT scan which are performed to assess your eligibility for getting dental implants.

This latest offer to slash their cost of dental implants in Toronto is available to all customers who have their implants placed at Emerald Dental Care. The clinic is fully equipped with all the necessary state of the art facilities in this connection. CT scans help the patient by providing the dentist an accurate 3-D picture of the patient's dental condition with no or minimal invasive procedure. The data from CT scan and other sensors is then fed to computer aided design (CAD), for a final design of the implant. Once this is done computer aided manufacturing (CAM) equipment provides an optimal prosthesis in the shortest of time with the least chance for human error. Emerald has all the up to date CAD / CAM facilities in house. The discussion and evaluation will often not go beyond one visit further reducing the cost of dental implants.

Emerald Dental Care also offers various dental procedures from root canal therapy to oral surgery and tooth extractions. The clinic is also amenable to accepting emergency situations on a 24/7 basis. At the same time, they maintain that all consultations by phone are free of charge.

About Emerald Dental Care
Head of the team at Emerald Dental Care is Dr Raheleh Saeidi. She is definitely one of the top female dentists in Thornhill area. Under her guidance Emerald Dental Care is among the most reputed family dental clinics ready to welcome patients from all walks of life. The entire team of dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants are thoroughly committed to the aim of providing complete ranges of services of the highest quality. This clinic offers a complete range of dental facilities from simple scaling to cosmetic makeovers to oral surgery using leading edge technology and most versatile experience in dental care.

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