Emergency Dentist San Diego Urges Patients Not to Wait for Treatment


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2014 -- An emergency dentist in San Diego is urging patients not to delay getting an appointment if they require emergency dental care in San Diego. Dr Fray Zerafat of the Dentist Pacific Beach is warning that a dental emergency can soon become a medical emergency.

Dr Zerafat has recently launched an emergency dental clinic in San Diego so that he can cater for the growing need of patients that require dental care outside of normal working hours.

Commenting on the importance of getting dental care as soon as possible, Dr. Zerafat, San Diego emergency dentist at Dentist Pacific Beach, said:

“Patients often wait far too long before seeking help for a dental emergency. This can ultimately lead to serious medical problems such as infections and will cause more pain.”

“Moreover, getting emergency dental help as soon as possible will prevent damage being caused to other teeth. Delaying dental care can be a costly mistake in terms of both health and finances.”

Dr Zerafat believes that the emergency dental services in San Diego that his Pacific Beach practice now provides will help patients to get the care they need in a timely manner, and will help to reduce the chances of a patient going on to develop an infection or other medical problem due to not being able to access a dental service sooner.

His years of experience providing expert dental care have shown Dr Zerafat just how important it is for patients to seek help straight away should they develop an emergency dental problem.

Dr Zerafat asserts that if people get the emergency dental help that they need, they can prevent any further complications and preserve their overall dental health.
The emergency dental clinic in San Diego will now enable patients in the area to get help without delay; Dr Zerafat urges people not to hesitate in contacting the 24 hour emergency dentist in San Diego if they have an urgent need.

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About Dr Zerafat
Dr Zerafat is a San Diego based emergency dentist. In addition to providing 24 hour emergency dentist services in San Diego, he also provides general and cosmetic dentistry in Pacific Beach, San Diego during regular office hours. For more information or to find out about the 24 hour emergency dental services in San Diego visit http://www.DentistPacificBeach.com

With the new 24 hour dental service, Dr Zerafat now aims to become known as one of the best emergency dentists in Pacific Beach.

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