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Emergency Light Co. Keeps Buildings up to Code With Emergency Exit Sign Fixtures


West Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2012 -- Emergency Light Co. announced today that they are continuing to enable building owners to remain compliant with OSHA-enforced federal regulations by providing building occupants with brightly illuminated and reliable emergency exit sign fixtures.

Safety lights and exits signs are required by local, state and federal building codes. All building owners must test their emergency equipment on both a monthly and yearly basis to ensure all occupants are provided with a safe environment. An emergency exit sign fixture is one of the most important products a building owner can purchase. Without such devices located throughout a structure, building owners could find themselves out of compliance.

Emergency lighting and exit signs – such as self luminous exit signs and thermoplastic devices – are also critical for keeping building occupants safe during a disaster. The safety devices are glowing beacons of illumination that allow men, women and children to quickly and safely identify a building’s exit to escape potentially hazardous situations as soon as possible.

Emergency Light Co. provides numerous options for keeping buildings up to code and safe for the occupants inside. Edge lit exit signs – one of the company’s most popular products for business owners – provide a stylish way to alert occupants of all safety exits. The product features a high-grade acrylic panel with the screen-printed word “EXIT” available in either bright red or forest green. The edge lit exit sign even has a battery backup system should power go out in the building.

“Exit signs are mandatory life safety devices that provide building occupants with a visual guide along the path of egress during a fire, earthquake or other emergency,” said a company spokesman for Emergency Light Co. “That’s why we provide high-quality, reliable and compliant exit signs at wholesale prices that typically ship same-day.”

Not only are the products provided by Emergency Light Co. a necessity for public buildings and structures, but also they vastly improve safety in and around the home. From emergency lighting outside the home to backup batteries for safety devices inside the home, it’s critical to be prepared before unexpected events occur.

About Emergency Lights Co.
Emergency Lights Co. offers the most comprehensive selection of emergency lighting, exit signs and batteries available on the Internet today. All of the products offered on the website are UL Listed and compliant throughout the country. Products are manufactured and sold directly from strategically placed warehouses to enable customers to get the best deal possible during every transaction. For more information, please visit http://www.emergencylights.net.