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Emergency Lighting Site Wants to Support Hurricane Victims with Its Emergency Services and Products


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2012 -- When Hurricane Sandy hit the East coast recently, millions of people were left without power. For days on end, many residents were literally left in the dark as they waited for the utility companies to restore power to their neighborhoods.

Oftentimes, it takes a serious and frightening situation to underscore the need to be prepared for an emergency. In the case of Hurricane Sandy, everybody who had emergency lighting installed in their homes or offices was able see and move about safely, while everyone else was left scrambling in the dark.

The staff at EmergencyLighting.net truly feels for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. They understand how frightening it can be to be trapped in a dark home or office, unable to locate exit doors. This is why the company is supporting the hurricane survivors with their emergency lights and products. EmergencyLighting.net sells a wide variety of lighting, including self luminous, edge lit, LED and wet location emergency lights—which are perfect for when a strong storm hits.

“Wet location emergency lights are just what the name implies - fixtures that are built to withstand unforgiving elements,” an article on the company’s website said, adding that from extreme humidity to snow, light rain to sleet, wet location emergency lights feature fully sealed housing guaranteed to keep the wiring dry.

“Our wet location fixtures are designed specifically for outdoor use and are NEMA rated as waterproof and weatherproof products.”

Some of the wet location emergency light models that are sold through EmergencyLighting.net also include an option to add an internal heater option, which allows the light to be operated during freezing temperatures. With cold and wintry weather just around the corner, this type of emergency lighting can provide people all over the country with invaluable peace of mind.

Anyone who is interested in purchasing emergency lighting is welcome to visit the company’s website at anytime and browse through the huge selection of products. The user-friendly site is easy to navigate, and category tabs at the top of the home page make it a snap to find specific types of emergency lighting. For example, clicking on “Emergency Lights” will bring up three pages of products, including lights that will shine for a wide range of hours, and explosion proof emergency lighting.

About EmergencyLighting.net
EmergencyLighting.net sells a wide range of emergency lights and exit signs that can help building occupants escape to safety during an emergency like a power outage or fire. During times such as these, people can become panicked and lose their sense of direction. Emergency lights guide the way to safety while exit signs show the quickest path to an outdoor exit. These fixtures together are life saving devices that are required by building and fire code regulations. For more information, please visit http://www.emergencylighting.net