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‘Emergency Lights Co.’ Helps Keep People Safe With Wide Variety of Emergency Lights and Exit Signs


West Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2012 -- Emergency lights and exit signs are the type of products that are not always noticed or appreciated until they are truly needed.

But for anyone who has suddenly needed to get out of a building during an emergency, or was not sure where to go while making a quick exit from an office or store, they can literally be life-saving.

A company has been receiving a lot of attention lately for its huge selection of emergency lights, exit signs and batteries.

Emergency Lights Co. prides itself of giving each and every customer the best experience possible, from the wide variety of high quality products at reasonable prices to outstanding customer service, and much more.

The company’s website includes not only detailed information about the many emergency exit signs and emergency lights it sells, but also educational articles that can help customers determine what type of emergency lighting they might need.

The business is open 24 hours a day, so no matter what time a customer needs help, a friendly customer service representative will be there to answer the phone. The staff is highly educated in the different types of emergency light and exit sign codes used throughout the United States, and is also knowledgeable about local, state, and federal building and fire code regulations.

“Emergency lights and exit signs are required by local, state and federal building codes,” an article on the company’s website explained.

“They are important to the safety of building occupants were an emergency to occur. Emergency lights provide light that shines along the path of egress while exit signs provide a visual marking that guides occupants outside.”

Using the website is easy; simply log onto the home page and begin browsing through the products that are available, or start reading any of the dozens of articles about emergency lighting, exit signs, and batteries.

Along the left-hand side of the home page there is a list of the different categories of lights that are available; clicking on any of them will bring up more information about that type of light as well as which products are currently available.

For example, customers who are interested in buying self luminous exit signs need only select that term from the list of products to learn why this type of sign can provide exit sign illumination for an amazing 10 to 20 years, as well as the various models that are for sale.

About Emergency Lights Co.
Emergency Lights Co. offers the widest selection of emergency lights, exit signs, and batteries available. Everything the company sells is UL Listed and compliant throughout the entire country. All of the products are manufactured and sold directly from their warehouses, which helps pass savings along to the customer. For more information, please visit http://www.emergencylights.net