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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2013 -- Emergency Supply Solutions offers the finest medical trauma supplies to meet all emergency situations. This range of products includes basic first aid kits, trauma kits, and deluxe trauma kits that are capable of meeting the needs of up to a thousand people. The trauma kits include a collection of required medications and all the other components to the meet the requirements of any specific situation or condition.

These medical trauma supplies are well suited to manage any sort of workplace injury or home injury. These kits have every prescribed medication to provide relief from pain and help the injured person on their way to healing. These trauma supplies are equipped to deal with any sort of traumatic condition ensuring the safety of family members and coworkers in a variety of situations.

Apart from medical supplies, the kits also stock a variety of long term emergency food supplies. The kits include freeze-dried fruits, meats, vegetables, and other emergency rations that provide nourishment and basic nutrition. These emergency food supplies are a great source for a nutritious diet during a time of crisis.

Disasters such as tornedoes or earthquakes occur with little or no prior warning, so it’s best to keep emergency food supplies on hand. These supplies are available from emergency food supply companies and can be stored until needed. These emergency food items have a long shelf life and are filled with nutrients that are a perfect source of energy in a disaster situation.

About Emergency Supply Solutions, Inc.
Emergency Supply Solutions, Inc. provides the best emergency products that will meet a wide variety of needs. Whether it is home, car, business, school, government agency, nonprofit organizations or communities, there is a perfect product for each of these. This company has designed emergency kits for homes and businesses of all sizes and the company also designs custom kits to meet special needs. For schools they supply a variety of school kits, first-aid kits, sanitation supplies, communication devices and emergency lighting equipment. In addition to schools, the company also helps nonprofit organizations to be ready for a disaster. The company provides emergency preparedness supplies and information to help plan ahead for and/or react to any emergency situation. All of the CERT kits and supplies are designed to meet strict CERT guidelines and recommendations.

To know more about them please visit http://www.emergencysupplysolutions.com.

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