Emerging Risks in Cyber Security Call for More Advanced Approaches by Risk Management Teams

Breaches in financial cyber security can lead companies to lose millions of pounds


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/14/2019 -- Technological advances have made cyber security a major issue for financial institutions around the world. Security breaches can cause companies millions of pounds and vital data losses. Managing risk is one of the key elements of businesses today. By managing potential risks, companies can prevent major security breaches to their systems.

According to Kieran Upadrasta, a leading Enterprise Security Architect and Risk Manager with Cyber Security Consulting Group, breaches in security not only cost companies millions of pounds, but businesses lose the trust of their customers.

Data breaches do not just occur in the financial sector as a number of high-profile events have occurred in the last two decades to major organisations. These cyber security breaches showed vulnerabilities in the management of digital data. The likes of Yahoo, JP Morgan Chase, and even Uber have suffered major cyber security breakdowns.

In 2015, Verizon experienced 80,000 security incidents and 2,100 data breaches, according to Upadrasta. Cyber security issues are around nearly every corner and managing the risks companies face is one of the main priorities of risk management teams.

"There are two categories of companies when it comes to information security," Upadrasta said. "There are those who know they have been breached and those who have no clue. A lead security architect and risk manager like myself will be able to help businesses find their vulnerabilities and secure their businesses digital information."

Risk management teams can identify threats and issues with a company's online data. Upadrasta stresses that a security architect can observe users behaviour analytics (UBA) and assess risks to predict attacks. By assessing, managing, and addressing risks at an early stage, companies can prevent large data breaches from occurring as in the cases of Verizon, JP Morgan, and others.

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Kieran Upadrasta is a leading Enterprise Security Architect and Risk Manager with Cyber Security Consulting Group. Upadrasta has over 24 years of experience in cyber security and risk management and has worked with a multitude of companies in the financial sector. Upadrasta has previously worked for Dell, Heathrow Airport, RBS, IBM and BT as a cyber security consultant.

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