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EMI Shielding Materials Market Is Anticipated to Reach US $10.75 Bn by 2024


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2017 -- The leaders of the global EMI shielding materials market for 2015 included 3M, Parker Hannifin Corporation, HEICO Corporation, and Laird. Their contribution to the global EMI shielding materials market so far has been immense and they are likely to continue bagging top spots in the market on the basis of share percentage over the coming years.

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Transparency Market Research, in one of its top level research reports, suggests that the overall degree of competition in the global EMI shielding materials market is expected to be very high among the leaders. There are only a few handful of players that are currently dominating the global EMI shielding materials market and it is likely to remain so for the coming years. New entrants are largely discouraged despite the easy availability of raw materials, due to the extremely stringent regulatory guidelines and the high cost of manufacturing. Leaders in the global EMI shielding materials market can be confident of the threat from substitutes over the coming years. The global EMI shielding materials market was calculated to reach US$6.08 Bn in 2015 and is anticipated to reach US$ 10.75 Bn by 2024, expanding at a CAGR of 6.7% between 2016 and 2024.

Telecommunications Infrastructure a Top Priority for Many

"EMI shields are of very high importance in the modern telecommunications industry, as these materials can help reduce or even negate the loss of transmission of data that is usually caused by the electromagnetic interference. Often, telecom cables are laid in routes that expose them to extreme environmental conditions, including high range temperature changes, and EMI shielding materials can help mitigate the damage. The current rate of development of the global telecom industry is making it not only possible, but also necessary to implement EMI shields in all electronic devices, including mobile devices. This is collectively the top driver spurring the growth of the global EMI shielding materials market," states a TMR analyst.

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Another factor driving the global EMI shielding materials market currently, is the growing demand for next-gen electronic circuits that excel in multi-level integration. The rate of development in electronics has been immense over the past decade and it can be seen through the high level of sophistication used in even toys and common consumer electronics. The use of advanced electronic chips is considerably increasing the scope of electromagnetic radiation, making is necessary for even common electronic devices to be using EMI shields.

Manufacturing Expenses Restraining New Player Entry

One of the key factors restraining the global EMI shielding materials market at the moment is the high costs associated with the manufacturing processes of EMI shields. This applies especially to the shields that are to be used in the defense and aerospace industry, where the demand for EMI shields is growing very swiftly. The level of quality and precision needed to manufacture EMI shields for this industry is something which a lot of new entrants are willing to take on. The global EMI shielding materials market is also being restricted by the stringent regulatory frameworks surrounding manufacturing and the use of specific materials, especially in the developed economies from North America and Europe.

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"Players of all sizes in the global EMI shielding materials market can certainly look forward to the consumer electronics industry for a steady increment in demand. This industry is bound to accelerate its demand for EMI shields due to the sheer volume of electronic devices already in use and more in demand," adds the analyst.