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Emilia Delizia Ready to Take Tourists on Hiking Tours in the Cinque Terre


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2014 -- Hiking tours are full of fun, excitement, enjoyment and exploration and Italy has some wonderful destinations for hiking such as Cinque Terra, and a trip to Italy is incomplete without seeing Cinque Terra. Emilia Delizia, the famous culinary travel planner company which has organized many gourmet food tours in Italy, is now ready to take tourists on hiking tours in the Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre is Italy’s best and favorite destination for outdoor adventure. Hiking tour in Cinque Terre is something that should not be missed in life. Emilia Delizia is now organizing hiking tours to trek through vineyards, olive groves, over stone walls and the stunning coastline to truly experience the magic of this beautiful place.

Cinque Terre, which means five lands, comprises of five small coastal villages and is one of the most beautiful destination in Italy to go hiking and Emilia Delizia Company, having years of experience in organizing food tours is now offering tourists who visit Italy, an unforgettable and memorable hiking experience through this picture perfect place with vineyards surrounded by stone walls and mountains with green olive groves.

On top of every attraction in Cinque Terre is the wine and food and Emilia Delizia hiking tour will be a unique experience because all the five villages in Cinque Terre have something different and unique to offer.

Emilia Delizia organizes  guided hiking tours in Cinque Terre , through which you can enjoy the beauty of the place as well as learn the history of this awesome place which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The guided hiking trips are organized by the company according to the suitability, convenience and time of the tourists.

Tourists planning to visit Italy should definitely join the Emilia Delizia hiking tour and enjoy the hike in Cinque Terre, a place rich in natural beauty, as well as in colors and flavors and get the chance to taste the finest wines on earth and take back home some wonderful memories.

About Emilia Delizia
Emilia Delizia is a culinary travel planner company focusing on gourmet food tours in Italy. The company is based in Emilia Romagna, operating since 2007. The company which have been experts in food and wine tours are now organizing trekking tours for tourists visiting Italy. The company uses only Government approved guides who speak excellent English and who have a thorough and good knowledge of the area. Guides who speak other languages are also available. The company is dedicated in conducting gourmet food tours and hiking tours which are fun and educative. Emilia Delizia is operated by Language Media Ltd.

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