Emma Bradshaw

Emma Bradshaw Puts Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again for China Collectors in Essex


Newport, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2013 -- Because of the highly transient world that exists now, many households end up with broken pieces of china, pottery and dishes they can no longer use or display in their collections. Businesswoman Emma Bradshaw, a porcelain restorer in Essex, says the lack of proper wrapping methods while moving and collectors getting "lucky" while shopping and finding interesting, albeit broken finds, keeps her china restoration service in business.

Says Bradshaw, "We use up to date materials and equipment and offer an excellent environment for colour matching. All pieces are assessed on an individual basis with an emphasis on preserving as much of the original material as possible. Of course people who find a piece at yard sales or estate sales always want to know if restoring it will reduce the value of it. One question, which occupies many people, is whether the restoration of an object detracts from its value. The Conservators purpose is to stabilise an object and prevent further deterioration whilst to restore embraces the conservation element as well as involving other aspects such as replacing missing parts and retouching."

Bradshaw continues, explains, "While it is true that over restoration can certainly reduce the value of an object there is no doubt that sympathetic work can at the very least make it more aesthetically pleasing. And truly, that's what most people want. They just want their item to look nice again."

China is not the only medium Bradshaw and company work on, she says. "We offer quality repairs to all display ceramics including china and porcelain; both antique or modern are considered. We also undertake conservation of enamels, glass, marble and ivory. Our porcelain and china restoration includes stabilising objects to prevent further deterioration through to replacing missing parts and retouching by airbrushing or hand painting to create an invisible repair."

Bradshaw displays examples of her work online, saying, "Our before and after picture pictures we feature on our webpage (www.emmabradshaw.com) are really amazing and showcase the type of complete restoration we can do. We offer free estimates, and accept items by post or by appointment. Whether the item material is porcelain or china, each restoration will be approached individually; from removing a discoloured or poor previous repair, to dismantling, rebonding and aligning shards and filling of missing areas."

About Emma Bradshaw
Emma Bradshaw is a ceramic restorer specialising in the conservation and restoration of hard and soft paste porcelain, china, earthenware, stoneware, terracotta and studio pottery. Located in the heart of Essex, easily accessible from both London and Cambridge, they have been in operation since 1994, and have built a substantial reputation for sympathetic craftsmanship of all fine art objects.