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Diet Doc Announces Emotional Eaters Diet Plans That Now Include the Powerful Oxytocin Hormone

Because of its ability to help patients soothe anxiety and stress, qualified patients can now include Diet Doc’s powerful Oxytocin into their emotional eaters diet plans


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2015 -- While much importance is placed on the physical health conditions that are associated with carrying excess fat, little attention is actually given to the emotional aspects of being overweight. Many people silently suffer the emotional scars of being overweight throughout their life, beginning with being taunted as the "fat girl or boy" in grade school that others avoided to the relentless criticism of being the fat girl in high school without a prom date, to adulthood where, at this point, the dream of ever looking and feeling like a "normal" person has long since vanished.

It is widely known that carrying excess fat is dangerous to the body overall and is responsible for a myriad of negative health conditions, but what about the effect on mental and emotional status? It is not surprising at all that excess fat, that has become a physical burden and a catalyst for crude jokes and remarks, can severely impact a person's self-image, self-confidence and self-esteem, oftentimes leading to social isolation and ultimately, depression. This depression oftentimes leads to more over-eating which leads to more depression and, ultimately, an endless circle of emotional and physical weight-related health problems.

In their effort to help everyone live more physically and emotionally healthy lives, the experts at Diet Doc have exhausted decades of scientific weight loss research, delving into the countless reasons why so many people turn to food during difficult times, the reasons why people gain weight and why so many find it so difficult to lose. Their extensive research has helped them to develop comprehensive emotional eaters diet plans that are aimed directly toward helping those with specific eating disorders. The emotional eaters diet plans focus on teaching their patients how to resist the temptation to reach for the cookie jar during stressful times, how to break bad eating behaviors and how to develop healthy new eating patterns that will lead them toward a future of improved physical health, increased self-confidence and more active, fulfilling lives.

The experts at Diet Doc know that it is never too late to begin living life to its fullest and invite those from any part of the country to call today to learn how to live without the physical and emotional pressure of excess fat. New patients can reach out by calling the company or visiting to complete a health questionnaire and consult online with one of the company's highly trained fast weight loss doctors. During the consult, the doctor will review the entire system to uncover the real reason for weight gain. Based on the doctors' findings, recommendations may be made to include one or more of their pure, prescription diet products to accompany meal and snack plans that are created by their nutritional experts to be uniquely compatible with each patient's age, gender, nutritional needs and medical conditions. Because of its ability to help emotional eaters over the initial weight loss hurdles, enabling patients to focus solely on their weight loss goals by improving the mood and soothing stress and anxiety, qualified patients may include Diet Doc's powerful new Oxytocin into their emotional eaters diet plans.

Diet Doc's goal is to help those who, for whatever reason, are suffering the consequences of allowing their weight to get out of control. The company has helped people throughout the country by providing patient specific meal and snack plans, prescription diet products that ease the typical dieting side effects and help emotional eaters concentrate on their goals, unlimited personal attention from their highly trained staff, as well as medical supervision and guidance throughout their entire journey. This level of dedication, commitment and concern has helped Diet Doc to become a leader in the weight loss industry and they invite those of all ages, gender, shapes and sizes to call today to begin the journey toward improved physical and emotional health through safe and fast weight loss.

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