Empellex Inc. Gets Social to Help IT Professionals Grow

Harnessing the power of social media Empellex Inc. helps IT professionals develop their skills, knowledge, and abilities


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2012 -- Empellex Inc. is a global provider of information technology services including creative web design, custom programming, social media, search engine optimization, and e-commerce. The progressive company takes a proactive approach when it comes to working with the latest technologies and being equipped to handle the diverse and complete needs of any technical project. The company additionally operates its own ventures designed with the intent to meet social needs. Empellex Inc. values giving back to the global community of technical professionals and transferring knowledge. Embedded in the company’s mantra is the belief that everyone grows together.

Leveraging social media and harnessing its power Empellex Inc. delivers free training videos to educate developers and technical professionals looking to hone their existing skills and develop new ones. The company creates their training videos and publishes them to social media websites that specialize in the delivery of video content including YouTube.Com and Vimeo.Com. The company recognizes that these outlets not only provide a platform to host content but they have a user base and advanced search functionality that empowers users to find meaningful and creative content.

The creative nature of the videos Empellex Inc. makes gives them an entertaining edge over most technical videos that can at times be dull and dry. In some videos Empellex Inc. has hired and worked with professional puppeteers to convey knowledge and important business empowering tips. The company believes that it needs to maintain its professionalism but that learning videos must be fun and creative to keep the attention of viewers. Empellex Inc. is committed to making new videos and publishing new content on a regular basis to continue feeding hungry minds.

In addition to offering these free training videos Empellex Inc. also maintains and publishes tutorials and tips on its website. The tutorials offer knowledge ranging from tech weighted facts to light reading but powerful business tips and advice including social media tips for business owners. The “blog” is dressed with social media share options to enable readers to share the content they connect with the most. Enabling readers and content consumers with the power to share knowledge puts true meaning in the words community and social.

To ensure that the article and video based content Empellex Inc. provides reaches a wide audience and to extend its connection with the global community the company provides social media links to its pages on various platforms including Twitter and Facebook. In modern times a “Tweet” or “Like” is a powerful tool to connect businesses with different audiences and markets. Not only does the company provide links but its social media pages have branded backgrounds and images to attract new visitors by providing them with a clear and informative perspective on the company’s attributes, brand, and service offerings. A lack of branded social media backgrounds and pages can be a common misstep of businesses but adds huge value when it comes to reaching a wider audience and developing positive relationships with social media users.

Empellex Inc. sets an example on how to effectively and efficiently use social media to reach a wider audience with valuable information and develop relationships. The company encourages developers to share their knowledge in the global community and to visit their website to read knowledge based articles and to watch training videos on their YouTube and Vimeo channels to learn and grow for free. Aside from the company’s goal to teach, the company hopes that it encourages other developers and IT professionals to follow their example and equally share their knowledge.

IT Professionals interested in learning more can visit for more information, to read articles, and watch training videos.

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Empellex Inc. is a global provider of IT services including creative web design, custom programming, social media, search engine optimization, and e-commerce. The company’s head office is located in Toronto Canada, a hub of technology.

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