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Employee Attendance Tracking System: The Drive Towards Employee Productivity and Better Workforce Management

The invention of the attendance monitoring system paved the way for companies and organizations to drive employee productivity and better workforce management.


Tucson, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2014 -- Businesses, especially in the services industry, which heavily rely on people, need to have a well-structured and reliable attendance monitoring system to ensure efficiency of daily operations.

Tracking employees’ attendance, being an integral part of the workplace, can be a daunting task for Human Resource personnel and Operations Leads. Time and attendance management has become an important aspect in payroll, resource planning, and staff projection. It is not enough that employees show up at the work place. It is equally important that they come on time and are productive during their working hours.

Call center industries, for example, use phone monitoring softwares which work not only in monitoring attendance but also in calculating response time for establishing headcount productivity. Certain verticals like the call center industry benefit from a system like this for monitoring key performance indicators like average handling time and response time which are vital for profitability.

The automated systems in attendance monitoring use different tracking methods like magnetic stripe cards, barcode tags, electronic tags, touch screens, and biometrics. The attendance monitoring system that will be used by any company does not necessarily need to be expensive in order to be effective. A number of software and human resource organizations in Tuczon, Arizona, for example, offer simple and affordable automated timekeeping options that are available at nominal costs which companies can use in tracking employee attendance and utilization.

Fingerprint Scan (also known as “Biometrics”). Biometric timekeeping devices follow three fundamental connectivity methods for sending the employee punch data to the Web for supervisor editing: They are Ethernet, analog, and cellular. These connectivity methods represent the frequency of automatic punch transmissions to the web.

Over the Web (Clock In / Out via Browser). WebClock is an internet-based solution that allows employees to click in/out or view their time card conveniently over a web browser from any authorized workstation. With IP filters, employers can restrict which computers act as a time clock. This is the ideal solution for environments with workstations connected to the web, and who many not need a traditional wall mounted time clock.

Proximity Badge (Ethernet Clock Options). An example of this solution is FlexClock Z18 which is primarily chosen for its universal proximity badge support allowing employers to integrate a time clock with their existing building proximity system. Employees can then both access the building and clock in using the same badge card. This unit requires professional-level installation. The Z18 also supports proximity key fobs, the addition of a bell accessory, and the PrintReader for biometric employee identification.

In the world of physical access control and workforce management, knowing which tool that is capable of following IT and security industry advancement while providing a simplified workforce management, is essential for every organization’s way to successful business operations.

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