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Employers Must Not Be Indifferent to the Personal Issues of Their Employees

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Manchester, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- Health Assured has brought out the findings of their new research. The survey involved 1022 workers across the UK and it reveals that a number of employees are fed up and annoyed with those collagues who constantly complain about the problems they face. Similarly, 74% of workers admit that they have become tired of dealing with the mood swings of their colleagues.

According to David Price, managing director of Health Assured, every employee may have problems at some point or the other and they may bring their issues along with them to the workplace. He adds that employers as well as collegues of these employees should be sensitive to their issues. Employers must identify the signs of these issues and try to be compassionate with such employees, when needed.

David Price adds that if employers are indifferent to the issues faced by their employees, they may alienate them and this may negatively impact their productivity. Though it is easy for employers to find fault with moody employees or those who discuss their personal problems, employers should realize that this may be the only way for the employees to communicate their issues. Therefore, employers or the managers they designate should lend their ears to the personal issues faced by the employees.

Price has an advice for these employees also. He says that these employees, instead of constantly focusing on their own issues, should know how their co-workers look at their behavior . As far as employers are concerned, they should identify the signs of stress or significant behavioral changes in their employees like stopping to interact with their colleagues or sharing their problems or personal details with them. This is very important because if there are such behavioral problems in some employees, it may negatively impact the morale of the entire workforce, thus leading to negativity and bringing down the productivity of the whole organization. So, employers should wisely and appropriately intervene at the right moment.

David Price further adds that employees may have medical concerns also and may need help. So, employers should have one-to-one meetings with the line manager of these employees for knowing their issues. Many employers have realized they should care for their employees and so, they willingly listen to their issues and provide the needed help and relevant advice. Nowadays, many employers have put in place employee assistance programs headed by trained specialists who offer their expert advice to employees on the various problems they face that include health as well as financial issues. This approach, according to Price, will be highly beneficial to the organization.

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