EmployMe Encourages Companies to Treat Their Freelance Employees as if They Really Are a Part of the Team


Fo Tan, Shatin District -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2014 -- Most companies probably are not aware that most of their valuable employees are not attending holiday parties. These individuals are not receiving benefits nor are they spending their time at any of the company’s offices regularly.

They are the company’s freelance employees, a group that worked behind the scene but has contributed a lot to the company’s growth. In the era of mass specialization freelancers range from regional salespeople to tax accountants; call center representatives to seasonal retail workers, basically anything that a company is in need of there will surely be a fitted freelancer to do the job. The number of freelancers in the US alone comprised a quarter of an average company’s labor force and one-third of the entire of the whole working population.

There are instances that the attention that these freelancers are getting does not commensurate the contribution they are giving to the company. A lot of companies may have a freelance labor policy however there’s still an existing gap between how much they are counted on compared to how they are involved into the company culture and decision making.

According to EmployMe, a Freelance HK site, it’s about time to bridge this gap, companies need to treat their freelance employees as if they are really part of the team. This will enable them to perform at their very best. Just imagine, if these individuals are performing satisfactorily in the company’s current set up, what more if they are motivated, encouraged and a valued entity of the company’s day-to-day operations? Not only the freelancers are given a lot of room for personal and professional growth, the company also opens itself to a lot of possibilities and opportunities.

To some companies, freelancers are hired temporarily to fill in a vacant position or accomplish a certain task, but these companies should realize that their contributions can bring long term benefits. It’s time for companies to have a shift in their mindset and priorities. Employees, regular or freelance, are the company’s greatest assets hence they should be treated equally. A company backed by brilliant minds and an efficient workforce is a company that will surely succeed and prosper.

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