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Empower Network Top Earner David Wood Reveals He's Been Making over $200,000 Per Month Online


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2012 -- Empower Network, currently the fastest-growing Internet marketing education and money-making system, has paid out over $17,000,000 in just over a year in existence to over 60,000 members.

Co-founder and CEO, David Wood, doesn't make a salary. Instead, he makes money just like the members, by marketing the products of Empower Network.

The entry-level product is the powerful and non-technical blogging system. The blogging system enables anyone of any technical skill level to instantly have a voice on the web and write anything such as money-making topics, how-to guides, market a business or express their personality.

For $25 per month, it saves the upfront cost most people endure of over $1,000 to build a website and the monthly hosting and support bills, making it a great value.

The blog is Step 1 of David Wood's 3-step formula to making money with Empower Network. By blogging daily, Empower Network members create content on the EmpowerNetwork.com domain, which is an aged-domain and ranked within the top 300 sites in the U.S. according to Alexa. This means, Google gives high-authority to EmpowerNetwork.com and the content on it, ranks the content higher up in the search results, and gets more visitors to the blog posts. Empower Network bloggers make money when a visitor clicks one of the banners around the blog post and also becomes a member of Empower Network.

How does $25/month turn into $200,000/month? There are upsells to more Internet marketing educational products at levels of $100/month, $500, $997, and $3,500, which have been very popular in the Internet marketing community.

The best part, David says, is that he doesn't call leads, because that's not the lifestyle he or anyone wants. People really want to be free. Empower Network empowers everyone to achieve that dream.

For more information about Empower Network, go here to learn how to make money online.

About Empower Network
Empower Network is an Internet marketing education and money-making system founded in 2011. It was created by co-founders David Wood and David Sharpe to empower the "little-guy" to make money easily online, instead of having to deal with all the technical and marketing challenges that frustrate many entrepreneurs and small business owners.