EmptyRide.com Making Intercity Rides Low Cost for Customers and Profitable for Drivers

A Platform that Aims at Fixing and Eliminating Concerns with Regards to Empty Leg Trips


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2020 -- EmptyRide.com is the brand new travel service company that was started with an aim to fix and eliminate the problems that arise with empty leg rides.

The platform allows customers to request for an intercity ride which matches their budget and travel requirements. The drivers on the other hand can make use of their empty leg trips by accepting the customer requests at the rates set by the customers.

The platform is designed with two main concepts – Customer Ride and Driver Ride. Customer Ride is created by the customer wherein he or she can set the price as per the destination or route. The Driver Ride is where the drivers accept or reject the proposed ride.

It is beneficial for the drivers as they can make some extra money instead of driving an empty vehicle. The driver can check the EmptyRide App for availability of Customer Ride that best matches the empty leg portion of the pre-existing booking. They could also wait for a potential match to make the desired revenue.

This platform is designed to help both customers and the drivers make the best out their journey. The added benefit is that the participants will be contributing towards environmental sustainability by lowering the carbon footprint levels.

EmptyRide.com also offers an Enterprise System for large fleet owners like Fleet operators and Taxi companies, with Enterprise system, Travel companies can make use of this service to manage their rides and drivers, make best use of their resources and earn extra revenue.

Backed by AI-driven user friendly platform, this app is very simple and highly effective with notifications sent to all the parties involved.

EmptyRide.com customer and drivers apps are available from AppStore and PlayStore for free download.

For more details visit https://www.emptyride.com/

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EmptyRide.com is a brand new travel service company that makes UK intercity rides low cost for customers and profitable for the taxi drivers. The platform was created to fix and eliminate the concerns with regards to empty leg vehicle trips.

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