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EMT Training Online Website Adds Comprehensive Job Board


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2012 -- The training and career website EMTTrainingOnline.com has just added an EMT Job Board to their offerings, which features thousands of jobs across the country for EMTs and allows employers to post new openings. EMT Training Online provides free information regarding the career field, state-specific EMT training and certification requirements as well as much more.

By providing immediate medical attention, assessment and stabilization, the health care professional known as an EMT or emergency medical technician, bridges the gap for Americans in medical distress. Many of today’s EMTs first learned about their training and career options via the website EMT Training Online. The comprehensive career website has now added a new Job Board for EMTs featuring thousands of jobs across the country. “Our goal is to be the #1 resource for EMT training requirements and certification, so we are constantly updating the website with the latest information,” said an EMT Training Online spokesperson. “The new job board adds a vital link for fully trained EMTs as well as for seeking qualified EMTs.”

The career website provides comprehensive information on the three stages of EMT training, which includes basic, intermediate and paramedic. EMT classes at the basic stage prepare trainees to manage traumatic incidents, respond to cardiac cases, and provide respiratory care among many other skills. The intermediate stage is where students are taught how to administer intravenous fluids and medications, operate different machines and equipment as well as many other skill sets. Paramedics are highly-trained professionals and are often the senior ranking personnel at the scene of an accident with advanced skills and experience.

The website details required training hours, state requirements and available schooling options. Differing types of EMTs are also explored as well as EMT salary ranges. Potential students can find where to obtain EMT Training Study Guides, EMT Basic Interactive Flashcards Books and EMT Basic Review Manual for National Certification. The website features a number of articles that detail the responsibilities, gear, life and needed characteristics for becoming an EMT.

Certified EMTs can find work in ambulance services, hospitals, police and fire department or rescue teams. The new job board allows EMTs and paramedics to find an EMT job in their area by simply browsing through the thousands of listings or entering their location to narrow the search. The job board also serves those wishing to hire qualified and certified EMTs by allowing them to post jobs. For more information, please visit http://www.emttrainingonline.com/

About EMT Training Online
EMT Training Online is the #1 resource for EMT training information, requirements, certification and more. The website also provides free educational information, eBooks, newsletters and white papers, comprehensive career information and articles on the field. A new job board for certified EMTs has been recently added that features thousands of jobs across the country and also allows employers looking for qualified EMTs to post open positions.