Emu Oil Becoming More and More Popular


Queensland, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- There used to be a time when one could buy and use Pure Emu Oil and be unique explained owner Timon Weller of the popular skin care site Those days are nearly over he explains, nowadays it is almost impossible to keep up with demand he says.

Whether ranging from fixing skin care complaints to sensitive skin, Emu Oil is once again hitting the spotlight for many reasons. One being its new found benefits for the bowels and how it can be used in conjunction with medicine to help ease many forms of bowel diseases.

This is a new case, but was expected Timon Weller explains, we get all sorts of testimonies for the power of this Oil, ranging from arthritis to burns to internal relief. Nothing really surprises me much no more. I have been selling this product now for over 6 years and they keep finding more and more benefits for it. It used to be that its main benefits were to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and for its strong arthritis relief, now hundreds to thousands of testimonies later this Oil keeps surprising.

Not only that Timon explains, but we now live in an age where people are much more conscious about their skin and are much more educated. Many now know about the benefits natural alternatives like this Oil and know more about the harm many mass produced chemical products can cause. Because of this many are turning to the power of Oil's such as Emu Oil.

Nowadays with many Emu farms’ closing down due to expensive costs it only makes sense that this demand may even get more and more. Not to worry though Timon explains once again, our farm has the numbers and no shortage of quality Oil for all those that are interested.

Timon Weller is the owner and partner to the online shop Emu Store, located online at, who has now been providing quality Pure Emu Oil health and skin care products for over 6 years. All products are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

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