Enabling a Disabled Child with CBM International


Laurel, ML -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2013 -- CBM is an International Christian organization which assists people with disabilities regardless of their religion, sex or nationality. It is one of the world’s leading development agencies that strive to improve the quality of life for people living in the most disadvantaged societies. The primary purpose of CBM is to aid people with disabilities and those at a risk of a disability from the poorest societies from around the world.

CBM, formerly known as Christian Blind Mission, was founded in 1908 in Turkey by Pastor Ernst Jakob Christoffel. The German pastor’s deep faith in God’s love drove him to establish homes for blind children, physically disabled and orphans in the Middle East and Asia. Today CBM follows his footsteps and continues aiding people with more than 900 projects in over 70 countries.

Poverty and disability is a matter of life and death for children. CBM’S Christian child sponsorship program works in the poorest communities where almost 80% of the children are dying without help. This child sponsorship program helps straighten children’s limbs, restores their sight and enables the disabled children to be welcomed into schools. The Christian child sponsorship works in three steps:

- Finding – CBM finds disabled children from the world’s poorest corners who are shunned by their communities and families because of their disability
- Life saving action- These disabled children often need immediate medical care and intensive rehabilitation. The child sponsorship program provides them with proper medical care that saves their lives.
- Continued Care- After the child’s disability or impairment is cured, the sponsorship helps to break down their fear of disability so these children are welcomed back into their own families, community and schools.

The program is less expensive to administer, so the gifts people send are spent on improving the lives of the children and not on administration. Every Child Sponsor gets a detailed account of how their gifts are working, who is being helped, their lives, families and wonderful journey of transformation. Your investment in CBM’s child sponsorship program will not just change individual lives, but also transform their communities. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized CBM as a professional organization for people with disabilities. CBM also obtained a roster consultative status from the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

About CBM’s Christian child sponsorship program
CBM’s Christian child sponsorship program provides medical care, rehabilitation and education for disabled children from the poorest corners of the world. The program supports children with physical, mental, visual, hearing and intellectual impairments.

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