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Enchanted Island: Uplifting Debut Novel by May Torres Set to Inspire America's Latino Youth

Depicting an ‘average’ Puerto Rican girl from New York who finds she is anything but average, ‘Enchanted Island’ sends a strong and empowering message to young Latino girls everywhere. Driving them to read more, better themselves and realize that their dreams can come true, the novel is set to resonate with readers from coast to coast.


Middletown, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2013 -- While she may now have a successful book to her name, May Torres comes from humble beginnings. As a single mother from New York, Torres initially put pen to paper in order to give her daughter a positive role model to identify with.

The result, ‘Enchanted Island’, is set to change lives across the United States. Encouraging young Latino girls to read more and achieve their dreams, the book’s narrative is already becoming a strong influencer among Torres’ target readership.


Gabriella Sanchez is an awkward, eleven year-old girl simply trying to fit in. Bullied by her classmates, she’s forced into a solitary existence. She attempts to change her circumstances by befriending Molly Sinclair, the daughter of the wealthy couple her mother works for.

Things seemed to be going well, until the day Molly decided she was embarrassed to be friends with Gabriella in public. Gabriella’s luck changes when she meets new student, Gilberto Padilla. He accepts her just as she is. The two become inseparable. Gabriella is so happy she even forgives Molly and revisits their friendship.

With school out for the summer, Gabriella and Gilberto’s family plan a trip to Puerto Rico. A spoiled Molly convinces her parents to let her tag along. Gabriella is overjoyed to be experiencing it for the first time with her best friends. Friendship is tested when a battle begins between the two girls, over Gilberto. But, while in Puerto Rico Gabriella and Molly meet Juan, a friend of the Padilla family. Molly instantly falls for him while he has his eye set on Gabriella. This infuriates Molly, who inadvertently causes a near fatal accident for her friend.

Molly’s unscrupulous behavior sets off a peculiar chain of events. Eleven year-old Gabriella then finds herself in the middle of an age old mystery after curious happenings begin to occur. After entrusting only her friends with the information, the four choose never to discuss it again, until Gabriella starts having cryptic dreams, years later.

Now well into their teens the trio strengthens their friendship and two even find love with one another. Together, they enter high school and drama ensues. Gabriella finds herself torn between two boys. Tragedy strikes Molly with devastating consequences. Gilberto remains Gabriella’s constant through it all. In the midst of the chaos, the friends learn that they will be returning to Puerto Rico for a wedding.

On the second trip to Puerto Rico, Gabriella, now fifteen years-old, is determined to uncover the clues in her dreams. She discovers that her dreams unlock mysteries of the ancient Taino tribe, in which she and her friends play an important role. Together they journey through time, to learn Gabriella’s fate, and a lesson of the inevitable law of Karma.

As the author explains, she’s on a mission to change the lives of others.

“I want to get the word out about a little Latina girl from the Bronx making her dreams come true; someone who can be a role model to young Latino girls. I always want to raise awareness among the Latino community of the importance of reading,” says Torres.

Continuing, “At the same time, I also strive to prove to all single mothers that their dreams can come true.”

Since its release, the book has attracted a string of rave reviews. For example, P.L. Phillips said, “Enchanted Island for all those that believe in What Goes around Comes Around holds the perfect example of Karma.”

Deb was equally as impressed, adding, “As you read the book, you will not believe this is May's first novel. The structure & language are well selected and the characters, plot and settings are nicely written. The sequence of events are developed properly and no questions are left unanswered.”

‘Enchanted Island’, published by the author, is available now: http://amzn.to/1dS6Pro

More information can be found on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorMayTorres

About the Author: May Torres
May Torres was born and raised in New York City. She is the single mother of two teenagers.