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Enchanting Children's Picture Book Invites Readers to Join Sparkie, the Medieval Baby Dragon, & Save the Village

Fusing stunning illustrations, vocabulary and thought-provoking narrative, Dayette J. Zampolin’s ‘Sparkie Wyk’ will have young readers and their families reveling in an adventure to save the day. As a former court stenographer, Zampolin’s new career as a children’s author also celebrates a dramatic life achievement.


Downsville, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- All children love books that afford them an opportunity to save the day. However, while most books only promote the fight against evil forces or villains, ‘Sparkie Wyk’ invites young readers on a more productive quest to save a village from the elements.

The professionally illustrated narrative is the work of Dayette J. Zampolin, who has recently transformed her working life from courtroom stenographer to celebrated children’s author.

Synopsis of ‘Sparkie Wyk’:
“You have entered Sparkie's eKingdom! No need to beware! Only fun lurks here!

Meet Sparkie Wyk and his best friend forever, Little Elfbert, in their first adventure!

Follow Little Elfbert of Chelsea Mews in his quest to save his village, as he bravely approaches the Wyks, a family of dragons living on the mountain.

A great bedtime tale, Sparkie is easy to read, with vivid illustrations by Kevin Scott Collier.

In this colorful children's picture book with advanced vocabulary, Sparkie saves the day!”

As the author explains, her book offers a literary escape that’s very different to the norm. “While dragons have long been a fixture of children’s books, they are often associated with rampant evil or mischief. My narrative promotes a good dragon who wants to help his village get back the quality of life they crave. It proves that dragons can actually be soft-hearted!” says Zampolin, who is a passionate snowmobiler.

Continuing, “I really don’t think there’s any other book like this out there. I’m getting great feedback and have plenty of other books in the pipeline!”

Zampolin is correct – reviews for the book have been overwhelmingly positive.

Midwest Book Review wrote, “Sparkie Wyk is a charming children's picture book about a small kingdom beset by terribly cold weather. All of their wood is too wet to burn; their only hope of survival is to ask the local Wyk family of dragons for help! Little Elfbert takes it upon himself to visit the Wyks and befriend the newly hatched Sparkie Wyk. Together, Little Elfbert and Sparkie Wyk bring fire and warmth back to the kingdom. The simple, colorful pictures convey pure enthusiasm in this gentle, read-aloud storybook perfect for young dragon lovers.”

‘Sparkie Wyk’, published by Cosmic Dayette, LLC, is available now: http://sparkiewyk.com.

For more information and to view the author’s other works, visit Sparkie’s eKingdom: http://sparkiewyk.com and Snomoette’s eTrails: http://snomoette.com.

About the Author: Dayette J. Zampolin
Most of the author’s life was spent as a verbatim court stenographer in New Jersey. She now provides CART (Communications Access Realtime Translation) live, remote, verbatim captioning services to clients across the country and the world.

Living, writing and snowmobiling in the beautiful Catskill Forest Preserve of New York continues to inspire Zampolin to put pen to paper.