Encoding.com Launches Support for MPEG-DASH

Encoding.com releases support for the latest standard in adaptive bitrate delivery through their API and UI


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2014 -- Encoding.com, the world's largest cloud video processing service, released support for MPEG-DASH, the latest adaptive bitrate protocol.

Gregg Heil, CEO of Encoding.com says, "We are pleased to offer early support of the MPEG DASH standard so our clients can begin testing hands on. We have already seen some impressive production implementations of DASH on Google's Chromecast and with native iOS and Android apps and look forward to the modern, non proprietary adaptive bitrate standard as DASH quickly gains industry support."

MPEG-DASH, developed under MPEG, is the first international adaptive bitrate HTTP-based streaming standard. This is the first standard for HTTP streaming/adaptive bitrate of multimedia content which allows clients to stream content from any standard-based server, thereby enabling consistent playback and unification of servers and clients of different vendors.

MPEG-DASH works by breaking content into a sequence of small HTTP-based file segments, each segment containing a short interval of playback time of a content that is potentially many hours in duration. MPEG-DASH clients have the ability to select the segment with the highest bit rate possible that can be downloaded in time for play back without causing stalls or rebuffering events in the playback; seamlessly adapting to changing network conditions. This protocol provides the high quality playback without stalls or rebuffering events.

In addition to seamless playback, there are several key benefits to supporting this new standard. With backing from many of the big players in the space, the new protocol will eliminate technical issues in delivery and compression, as it essentially combines all of the technologies and standards into one, making streaming support seamless on all devices. This, in turn, aims to reduce technical headaches and transcoding costs. Content publishers can generate a single set of files for encoding and streaming that should be compatible with as many devices as possible from mobile to OTT, and also to the desktop via plug-ins or HTML5; eliminating the worry of device support.

Incorporating support for this standard was a natural progression for Encoding.com. For more information on MPEG-DASH and our support, visit http://www.features.encoding.com/mpeg-dash or follow us on Twitter @encodingdotcom.

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