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Encore Data Products Announces Partnership with Fluent Audio, Maker of Wireless Systems for Tours, Schools & More


Lafayette, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2018 -- Encore Data Products, a privately held company based in Lafayette, Colorado with a passion for providing quality products at the most affordable prices today, is excited to announce a new partnership with Fluent Audio, a private company based in Woodbury, Minnesota.

"We're thrilled to be one of the first reseller partners to help Fluent Audio reach the right customers for their state-of-the-art products. Their designs and approach to business are a perfect fit – making it easier for schools, churches, sports teams, museums and other presenters to communicate better, faster and more safely," shares Jeff Burgess, President and CEO of Encore Data Products.

Fluent wireless listening systems use cutting-edge technology to move beyond traditional "push-to-talk" communication systems, which can be inefficient and even dangerous in some applications.

Their TeamComm and StageComm Wireless Intercom systems are full-duplex, multi-user wireless systems that allow natural, hands-free conversation between team members. Features such as wide-band communications that cover up to 1,500 feet and 10 hour battery life allow Fluent Audio headset systems to be configured to work in most environments.

Joe Vaughan, President and Founder of Fluent Audio, states: "We've been impressed with Jeff and his team at Encore for a long time. The intense focus they put on customer service and ease of doing business are a few of the many reasons we've been eager to partner with them. Fluent Audio brings decades of experience designing and manufacturing audio and wireless products used every day in schools, businesses, factories and houses of worship. Our products are also relied upon by such crucial services as first responders, military and other professionals, helping them do what they do at the highest levels. We're very excited about working with Encore Data Products in continuing to serve customers with a constant focus on excellence."

Burgess adds: "Fluent Audio is an ideal partner for our business, and we're looking forward to bringing their innovative and essential products to a larger audience. They fill a crucial need for our customers in a number of industries, including schools offering translation services, houses of worship, coaches and fitness instructors, pilots, conference speakers and even museums and other event services."

Encore Data Products works tirelessly to uphold a business philosophy of providing high-quality, innovative and must-have products at great prices and delivering it all in a timely manner. Founded as a business venture that puts the wants and needs of consumers above anything else, Encore Data Products embodies superior customer service, simple online and phone ordering, competitive pricing, free shipping on most ground orders over $49.99, and no minimum orders on most items shipped in the U.S.

To learn more about Fluent Audio products, now available through Encore Data Products, visit