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Encourage & Congratulate Loved Ones with Gifts from Purple Wishing Gate


Princeton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2018 -- Purple Wishing Gate, an online provider of religious blessings, specializes in gifts that encourage others. During life-changing events, such as moving into a new home, many individuals could use a little extra motivation. When customers purchase a blessing from Purple Wishing Gate to commemorate this milestone, they can give others a gift with a meaning that will last a lifetime.

Each blessing is carefully crafted and written by Purple Wishing Gate's founder, Barbara D. MacAdam. She creates poems designed for specific occasions, recipients, and purposes so that readers can relate to a personal message.

For those that are moving onto their next chapter in life, a housewarming blessing is the ideal gift. After reading the poem, recipients can gain a sense of confidence and motivation as they go on this journey.

Customers can purchase a "God Bless This Home" blessing for any loved one who is getting ready to move or has recently purchased a home. This keepsake helps recipients appreciate all they have, which is something that is hard to accomplish with a typical gift. It sends a message that people can always keep in mind through every step.

These blessings are perfect for the host/hostess of housewarming parties, birthday gifts, holidays, and even real estate agents as they close a sale. No matter what the occasion is, people can benefit from encouragement at any time.

If a loved one is moving or has otherwise taken a big step in their lives, find religious gift ideas for him or her at Purple Wishing Gate. Customers can buy affordable personal keepsakes for almost any event, family member, or cause.

To buy a housewarming blessing or a related gift of encouragement, visit https://www.purplewishinggate.com/ or call 609-605-5880.

About Purple Wishing Gate
Purple Wishing Gate began with a dream. Its founder, Barbara D. MacAdam, dreamed of her 12-year-old daughter, Bonnie Rose, who had passed away from cancer, standing behind a purple gate in a heavenly garden. As people came up to the gate, Bonnie listened to their wishes, turned them into prayers, then ran off to give them to God. Thus, Purple Wishing Gate was born...where wishes made are turned to prayer, so God can keep them in His care!™

Inspired by her dream, Barbara began writing and painting personalized blessings that people of all faiths can give as gifts. For the past 13 years, Purple Wishing Gate has spread inspirational messages of hope, love and gratitude; in addition, 10% of all sales go to children with cancer.

For more information, visit https://www.purplewishinggate.com/.