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Encouraging Workplace Wellness


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2013 -- Changes in healthcare regulations and insurance options are causing many businesses to consider ways to cut expenses. Rather than examining ways to cut insurance coverage or other wellness benefits, some business experts are advising small companies to work with these programs and invest in wellness options to improve the quality of workers and cut long-term costs of healthcare.

It’s tempting to stray from wellness programs as budgets swell and cuts are necessary, but the costs of poor health among staff members can actually increase overall medical costs for the company. Employees get sick, or take time off to engage in wellness activities outside of work – this cuts productivity and for major health issues (heart disease, type 2 diabetes, etc.) the combination of health care expenses and time lost from work can eat up more than 50 percent of company profit.

Rather than focusing on fixing health problems when they arise, business experts say to encourage employees towards preventative health measures like exercise, weight loss, and proper nutrition. Implementing a company wellness program which encourages these things may seem like a short term cost, but the long-term savings could be enormous.

Suggestions include engaging employees in activities: a softball league, running clubs, basketball groups, anything to encourage activity and socialization, both key elements for a healthy lifestyle. Promote healthy eating habits by offering cooking classes, or hosting weight-loss groups for support to those trying to increase their health. Provide employees with places to store healthy lunches, and when providing meals consider ordering salads, fruit, or other nutritious items over pizza or sandwiches.

The important thing is to engage employees, and provide benefits (such as health care cost reductions, or contributions to HAS accounts) to those who choose to focus on wellness. The initial investment will end up saving the company money by increasing worker productivity, and reducing health care expenses, all in one action.

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