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Ending Emotional Eating Guide for Professional Nutritionists


Amsterdam, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2014 -- A new solution for eating and weight problems. Many people eat when they feel anxious, tired, depressed, insecure, irritated or simply unhappy. This often leads to obesity. Diet plans often fail to address the underlying problems. The e-book Ending Emotional Eating by Joanna Kortink and Greta Noordenbos provides a powerful solution to overcoming the love-hate relationship with food.

One will discover one’s personal pitfalls and learn how one can achieve a well balanced relationship with eating from within. The program consists of nine weeks and includes many practical examples and clear step-by-step guidelines. The approach is based on the latest psychological findings, based on the tried and tested methods of mindfulness, and practical experience.

Joanna Kortink and Greta Noordenbos have written several successful books on eating and weight problems. Joanna Kortink is the founder of Artiva, a center offering individual counseling and workshops. From personal experience she knows what it is like to struggle with eating problems. The co-author Greta Noordenbos is associated with the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, where she conducts research on underlying causes of eating and weight problems and the recovery process.

The book is available as Kindle book on Amazon with the special introduction price of $ 0.99:

The author, Joanna Kortink, is a well-known Dutch nutritionist who approaches weightloss and compulsive eating from within. She knows eating problems inside out having struggled with overeating for many years.

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