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Endless Personal Growth Possibilities: Burt Goldman Quantum Jumping Program, Free Course and Webinar


Surabaya, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2014 -- People who are looking for ways for personal goals or achieving their lifelong dream can benefit from the idea of Quantum Jumping developed by Burt Goldman. On his website for his Quantum Jumping program Burt has written about how people as they grow older start complying to the norms set by the society which limits their view of what they can achieve and become.

He writes:

“You were told to “stop daydreaming” by your teachers, or “be realistic” by your parents. You were made to walk the path of what you should do, and in turn moved further and further away from the path of what you could do. Bills started rolling in, responsibilities piled up, and before you knew it, your childhood dreams were little more than dust in the wind. But open your mind for just a few minutes”

His concept of Quantum Jumping focus on opening the mind to possibilities, for fresh ideas, growth and solutions from alternate versions of themselves that exist in the alternate universe. The idea for Quantum Jumping stems from the concept of Quantum Physics, infinite parallel universes and infinite version of ‘you’ living in those alternate universes, Burt believes:

“Imagine that you could examine their ways and learn their methods, draw upon their skills, experience and wisdom, find out how they become so happy, talented or successful. What if you could meet the successful you and learn from them how to boost your wealth and career.”

Burt Goldman has used his unique system to achieve many things and skills in life including, improving his creativity, his writing skills, and his entrepreneurial skills which consequently brought his success and wealth. Burt Goldman has spent over 50 years travelling the world and seeking knowledge about spiritual pursuits like meditation, visualization and Qigong under the guidance of the world’s greatest spiritual masters. What he learned and experienced gave birth to Quantum Jumping Burt Goldman

Since the release of Burt Goldman Quantum Jumping program over 180,000 people around the world have benefited from it. Burt is now offering a Free Course and Webinar about his program to give insight about the unique system so other can benefit from it too.

About Quantum Jumping
Quantum Jumping is a program by Burt Goldman that uses unique guided imagery, deep meditation and years of study to train you to tap into the power of advanced dimensions of the mind.

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