EndlichGesundAbnehmen.com Publishes Its Personal Test Findings on Natural Supplement Redunovin


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- EndlichGesundAbnehmen.com, a website dedicated in reviewing various natural weight loss supplements available in Germany, recently published its personal test findings on the popular Acai Berry extract based supplement Redunovin. Redunovin has gained immense attention in Germany as many of its users have complimented its high effectiveness.

Redunovin is comprised of two key weight-loss ingredients Acai Berry extract and Green Tea extract. In past few years the weight loss supplement industry has went through a breakthrough as medical experts have identified certain natural plants and fruits that not only assist in weight loss but also help maintain an overall healthy body.

The Acai Berry, which is mainly grown in South America especially in Brazil, has been one such key discovery that can significantly help overweight and obese individuals revert back to an ideal weight. Acting as an appetite suppressant and releaser of fat from cells, the Acai Berry is now available in form of capsules and Redunovin has become one of the premier preferences in Germany.

The Redunovin Test performed by the team of EndlichGesundAbnehmen.com was aimed at witnessing first hand if the natural supplement is indeed effective in losing weight and whether there are any side-effects during its consumption.

According to the 6-week long consumption experience titled as “My 6-week Diary with Redunovin”, one key aspect of the natural supplement is that it immediately acts as an appetite suppressor. Usually lower intake in food results in low energy however the test findings reveal that the energy is maintained and even increases while taking Redunovin. This is possible due to the 6 other ingredients in Redunovin, other than the major Acai Berry extract and the Green Tea extract, which balance the functioning of the body.

The test results on the website, display that certain individuals have lost 9-10 kg in only 6 weeks with minimum physical training or exercise. Certain obese individual was even able to lose 18kg in 8 weeks by taking 2 capsules of Redunovin everyday and consistent physical activity.

After performing its tests, EndlichGesundAbnehmen.com concluded that Redunovin is indeed effective in losing weight in most natural manner. The website further added that amount of weight one can lose depends on the consistent exercise one performs, but even with minimum physical activity the Redunovin gets the job done.

About EndlichGesundAbnehmen.com
EndlichGesundAbnehmen.com is one of the leading websites in Germany that provides extensive details on numerous healthy alternatives to losing weight. The website, http://endlichgesundabnehmen.com/, also reviews and personally tests various popular natural supplements offering their followers a direct unbiased conclusion on the effectiveness of the products. The team of EndlichGesundAbnehmen.com recently conducted a personal test on the natural supplement ‘Redunovin’ which mainly contains the Acai berry extract and has now published its findings.

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