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EnerGaia Creator Launches Kickstarter Campaign


Bangkok, Thailand -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2015 -- EnerGaia has developed a method of creating purifying urban farms that consume carbon dioxide and produce fresh Spirulina foods for consumption by a large population.  "We make cities healthier," notes EnerGaia's creator, Saumil Shah.  Now, Saumil has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to establish these urban farms quickly to provide food and beauty products to a rapidly-growing population.

According to Saumil, "Billions of people do not have access to clean water, proper sanitation or sufficient food. With the global population increasing from 7 billion to 9 billion by 2050, and then to 11 billion by 2100, experts agree that this will further strain global food supplies.  Meanwhile, we continue to rapidly consume natural resources, resulting in global climate change and species extinction."  However, EnerGaia provides sustainable solutions for the benefit of all human beings who will soon face a global food shortage crisis.  "We are a team of such social entrepreneurs and environmentalists. And we agree with the World Health Organization, NASA, and the UN Food and Agricultural Organization that Spirulina can be a part of the solution to global food security and climate change," says Saumil.

As seen at, the group is introducing a new way of farming algae such as Spirulina in unused urban spaces.  By bringing better technology to Spirulina farming systems, EnerGaia is helping to improve production and scalability.  

This technology can then be shared with other producers around the world and can also be used to develop innovative food and beauty products.

The Kickstarter campaign, as seen at, offers pledge levels from $1 with perks ranging from samples of Spirulina pasta to full Spirulina growing sets.

For more information on each pledge level and associated rewards, see the Kickstarter page.

About EnerGaia
EnerGaia is a group that is focused on creating sustainable farming methods to produce Spirulina-based foods and beauty products in urban environments.  Now, the experts at EnerGaia have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds.

Contact Person:  Saumil Shah
Company: EnerGaia Company Limited
Address: 1701 Sukhumvit Road, Soi On Nut, Suanluang, Bangkok 10250
Phone:  +668 4360 6483